May 21, 2024

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To end the myths against vaccination, the Minister of Health of Bogota met with Christian leaders

To end the myths against vaccination, the Minister of Health of Bogota met with Christian leaders

The Minister of Health of Bogotá, Alejandro Gómez, met with Christian leaders From different churches to address the myths about vaccination that some circulate on social media and attribute to religious movements.

In a meeting between the Minister of Health Alejandro Gomez and the Christian churches of Bogotá, it was also confirmed that the sector, as well as at the beginning of the epidemic, was the first to take biosecurity measures, and today they are facing the day of vaccination, see in the publication information a correct measure not only to make the sector interfaith but Society in general understands the importance of vaccination, consistent with the protection of life, as its defenders.

The meeting was publicly cited by Bogotá Councilman Marco Acosta To resolve the concerns of members of Christian churches about vaccination, bearing in mind that in several regions of the country there are complaints about priests who have asked their parishioners to refuse vaccination.

Among the actions to be carried out from the meeting, is Providing information to communities so that decisions that contribute to health care are made through socializationDr..

“The invitation is public, attacks of hate and religious discrimination are rejected, Not all churches are agnostic in nature. On the contrary, they support and prioritize any process that seeks to protect health. However, the lack of vaccination should not be an opportunity for other sectors to discriminate, abuse and infringe believers,” said Chancellor Acosta.

The Ministry of Health confirms this This will not be the first meeting and it is expected that a meeting will be held with the sector of the Catholic Church.

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