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Queen Elizabeth II officially begins her first Balmoral holiday without Philip from Edinburgh |  Persons

Queen Elizabeth II officially begins her first Balmoral holiday without Philip from Edinburgh | Persons

This is not the first summer, but it is the first summer spent alone. As it is every year, even without the epidemic having prevented it, Queen Elizabeth II is already at Balmoral Castle, her summer residence, to spend her first vacation without the Duke of Edinburgh, He passed away on the 9th of April. The Queen began her stay in the Scottish Highlands by attending the official welcome party, which was canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus and held again on Monday.

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This is the first summer the 95-year-old has gone to Balmoral without her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died at the age of 99 last spring and who had a penchant for the place the couple spent part of their honeymoon in 1947 as Philip used to prepare Barbecues entertain guests as he did with Tony Blair. The former prime minister later admitted that Elizabeth II was responsible for washing the dishes after that evening. Although her presence is common, the question remains whether the Queen will be seen with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, which seems very likely, since Prince William and Kate Middleton have not even stopped coming. Last year as a result. Corona Virus. But nevertheless, he has practically ruled out a visit to the Dukes of Sussex – who stopped attending two years ago – if there is a potential visit that generates expectations, it is Sarah Ferguson. According to the Daily MailThe Duchess of York has received an invitation from the King to meet with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, who is still around Isolated from public life After being linked to pedophilia, Jeffrey Epstein. Ferguson had also been invited on previous occasions, but according to the British newspaper, she had only attended for a few days, until the arrival of Philip from Edinburgh, with whom she had not maintained a good relationship. Specifically, the Dukes of York were at Balmoral in 1992, after announcing her separation from Prince Andrew, some pictures of her with businessman John Bryan surfaced and she moved around the world.

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During the ceremony, the King is reunited with Lance Corporal Cruachan IV, the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Jane Barlow / Getty Images

The Queen’s solemn arrival was celebrated with a small act at the castle gates, where she was reviewed by a guard of honor, made up of the Balaclava Company and the Royal Regiment of Scotland, an infantry squad for which she was honored. Her dress by wearing a brooch with the insignia of her Colonel-General. In addition to the more solemn moments, the celebration has given way to other, more relaxed events such as the King’s reunion with Lance Corporal Crochan IV, the mascot of the regiment who is famous for his playful moments in the past. Like when he tried to eat a bouquet of flowers during a homecoming party in 2017. In February 2018, the pony also bit Prince Harry’s fingers while visiting Edinburgh Castle with then-fiancĂ©e Meghan Markle.

Since arriving in Balmoral on the 23rd, Queen Elizabeth has been staying at Craigowan Lodge, a property near the castle with seven rooms, where it is customary to stay, as in this case, in the first days of her vacation, waiting for the tourist visits to stop and everything was ready for his arrival. To the castle, which he went to last year, in a more ambiguous scenario regarding the epidemic. Unlike other royal residences, Balmoral is owned by the Queen rather than the state, and became a holiday destination for the English monarchy during the reigns of Victoria I and Prince Albert. Since then, it has been the scene of countless historical and important moments in the royal family’s life. There, for example, he was there 24 years ago he was told, including his children, Diana Wells dies In a traffic accident on August 31, 1997.

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