July 2, 2022

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Tom Cruise's 'miracle' renewal: expert analysis

Tom Cruise’s ‘miracle’ renewal: expert analysis

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Tom Cruise (59 years old) is one of the most famous faces in international cinema. He is famous not only for the many films in which he starred, but also for being one of the most handsome actors. A few weeks before the contract change and turn 60The New Yorker is so common that the name of the New Yorker appears on most wanted man lists and arguably knew how to freeze the passage of time.

Besides possessing a grateful genetics, Cruz takes good care of himself: he does not smoke, does not drink alcohol, eats a balanced diet and exercises. But that’s not all, he regularly turns to aesthetic medicine to banish the signs of aging.

Now, however, he has found the sweet spot. Far from pretending to own ita The same face three decades ago, the protagonist The best It has left occasional wrinkles, especially around the eyes, which make it look more natural looking away from ageing.

Tom Cruise in the current photo, on the left, and in another photo from 2015, on the right.


Although this was not always the case, he appeared again in October 2021 during a basketball game with Puffy face, sunken eyes, sparse hair. Experts from “2022, however, say practically the same look as in 2015” Lola Supina Clinicwith what Spanish Was in touch to find out about the treatments Tom Cruise took to appear so rejuvenated.

Tom Cruise is a good example of how to do this You can turn back the clock Take advantage of advances in aesthetic medicine. The first obvious change between 2021 and 2022 is that, after a year, he has more hair,” they explained from the medical center. The actor has had the same hair density from years ago, so it looks like he’s been exposed to a Capillary micrograph. A technique that more and more people are using, whether it is famous or unknown. its price 4500 EUR“.

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Another of the changes that the actor made in a little more than a year is related to weight, because he was going to lose a few kilograms. This return to your usual physique can cause some sagging and a loss of volume, sometimes resulting in wrinkles. This is dealt with ‘different offside stuffing Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Hyaluronic Acid‘, to add volume to the cheeks.

A few weeks before his 60th birthday, Tom Cruise looks very fresh.

A few weeks before his 60th birthday, Tom Cruise looks very fresh.

with this disc Mission: Impossible He managed to have a well-defined lower arch, a defined face, a smooth neck, and very few natural wrinkles. A “miracle” resuscitation is credited to what it was five years ago.

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