July 14, 2024

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Toshiba has found the formula that makes batteries charge faster without crashing and are safer.

Toshiba has found the formula that makes batteries charge faster without crashing and are safer.

07/08/2024 at 17:55

Updated on 07/08/2024 at 17:55

Toshiba’s foray into the technology and electronics sector spans a wide range of products, including batteries. The Japanese company, in collaboration with Sojitz and Brazilian company CBMM, has introduced the new generation of SCiB batteries, which They use niobium titanium oxide (NTO). In the anode and achieve exciting performance, especially in terms of Fast and secure recharging this means.

These three companies held a ceremony in which they presented a prototype of an electric bus equipped with this innovative battery, bearing a commercial name. SCiB Noteany It can be charged in just 10 minutes. It provides high energy density.

This bus has started testing and demonstration operations at the CBMM industrial plant in Araxa (Brazil). This company is the world’s largest producer of niobium, one of the main “ingredients” of this battery.

The first car equipped with this type of battery

The bus was developed by the Brazilian division of Volkswagen Trucks & Buses and will be used at the CBMM plant to collect data on the characteristics of the NTO battery and the vehicle’s operation, which will allow the necessary modifications to be made to its marketing.

Volkswagen’s electric bus will pioneer the use of the SCiB Nb battery.

This bus will be the world’s first electric vehicle powered by a lithium-ion battery with NTO anodes, paving the way for commercialization of this technology.The goal is Launching this battery in the market The new generation in Spring 2025.

What are the characteristics of NTO battery?

Niobium Titanium Oxide (NTO) offers. weak energy density per unit volume Theoretically, compared to a graphite anode, the material generally used in current lithium-ion batteries. According to Toshiba’s data, this battery has Volumetric energy density 350 Wh/L With a nominal voltage of 2.3 volts.

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In addition, the use of niobium oxide in the anode of batteries provides special properties to this component. By containing lithium with a naturally stable voltage, it provides greater safety and reduces the risk of fire. Due to its open crystal structure, which Lithium is easy to intercalate.It allows very powerful charges (in about 10 minutes) without causing damage to the battery.

Not only are they safer, they also have a longer lifespan than current conventional batteries, according to Toshiba. Maintain more than 80% of its capacity after 10,000 charging cyclesA charge cycle means that all of the battery’s energy has been used up, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be done in one charge. Going from 100% to 0% is a charge cycle. But if you go from 100% to 50%, then charge it back to 100% and use up another 50%, that counts as one charge cycle.

In this regard, there is another very interesting aspect: It can be used at 0% to 100% without harming your health, Unlike nickel-rich lithium batteries, which are recommended to be used at 20% to 80% to extend their productive life.

Primarily targeting commercial electric vehicles.

The first agreement between these three companies was signed in June 2018. Another joint development agreement was signed in September 2021 to design the mass production processes for these batteries, which are mainly targeted for applications in electric commercial vehicles.

In August 2023, the three companies signed a joint sales and marketing agreement to build a supply chain and enhance commercial activities. In this sense, Sojitz will be responsible for supply chain management and sales, while CBMM will be essential for the supply of niobium.

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