July 14, 2024

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The amazing animal that can live for 270 years and appeared in Greenland: “We want to understand it”

The amazing animal that can live for 270 years and appeared in Greenland: “We want to understand it”

Greenland shark It is a sea creature that has captured the attention of scientists and the general public due to its amazing longevity. With an average life expectancy of around 270 yearsSome specimens can live Up to 500 yearsMaking them the longest-lived vertebrates on the planet.

These giant sharks were discovered in the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, Which can reach a length of 6 meters.It is characterized by a slow metabolism and adaptation to low temperatures.

This result was further explained at the annual conference of the Society for Experimental Biology in Prague, Czech Republic, where Iwan Campbellson, PhD student at the University of Manchester (UK), He pointed out the characteristics of this unique animal.

We want to understand what adaptations they have that allow them to live so long.Most species show differences in metabolism as they age. “We want to determine whether Greenland sharks also show this classic sign of aging or whether their metabolism remains unchanged over time,” he began.

What does a Greenland shark look like?

“This is quite different from most animals, which tend to show some variation in the activity of their metabolic enzymes as they age. The results support our hypothesis that the Greenland shark does not show the same typical signs of aging as other animals.He continued, knowing that it is more than a strange type.

This may indicate that the red muscle metabolism of sharks is not particularly adapted to the polar environment.“Otherwise, we would have expected to see a smaller difference in temperature-related activity,” he continued.

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A female Greenland shark may not reach sexual maturity until she is 150 years old. With such a long generation, this species will have much less opportunity to adapt to human changes in its environment.”

Biological characteristics of the Greenland shark:

  • slow metabolismThey have a very low metabolic rate, allowing them to minimize cell wear and aging.

  • Efficient DNA repairThey have a highly efficient DNA repair system that helps them repair damage caused by time and the environment.

  • Protection from diseasesTheir immune system is strong and resistant to diseases, allowing them to live longer.