November 28, 2023

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Transform your home into a space of comfort with SmartThings – Samsung Newsroom Egypt

Transform your home into a space of comfort with SmartThings – Samsung Newsroom Egypt

The leading IoT application simplifies and personalizes daily life at home. Connect, control and enjoy a fully integrated environment with convenience at your fingertips.

Samsung SmartThings is the premium solution for those looking to simplify and improve daily life at home. This pioneering Internet of Things (IoT) application not only provides connectivity and control, but also provides convenience without much effort, transforming every corner of your home into a fully integrated and personal space.

Imagine a home where the vacuum cleaner starts working when you need it most, regardless of whether you are inside or outside the house; Or where the atmosphere is perfectly set for a family movie night simply by saying “cinema mode.” Do you want to come home from the office and your only task is to take out the already washed clothes?

With SmartThings, the focus is on convenience: from house cleaning to climate and lighting control, every aspect of a user’s environment can be customized and automated with just a few taps on the phone. Thus, it is no longer just about quick connectivity, but this connectivity truly simplifies life.

In this way, SmartThings guides you in your search for an ideal indoor environment, ensuring that the air you breathe at home is always fresh and healthy. It also gives you advice on how to continuously improve air quality, keeps you updated on the energy consumption of your appliances and suggests personalized actions that follow your daily preferences, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Energy efficiency becomes easier with SmartThings, allowing you to easily monitor and manage device consumption. Not only does this gadget save you money on your energy bill, but it also contributes to taking care of the environment.

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The Samsung SmartThings setup and expansion process is designed to be easily accessible, allowing you to add new devices as you customize your home without any hassle. So, every time you buy a refrigerator, washer, dryer, microwave or any device that can be integrated with SmartThings, you add it to the ecosystem you’ve already created in your home.

With all this, SmartThings goes beyond device connectivity, providing a smarter and more comfortable living experience, adapting your home to your daily needs, with effortless comfort being the core of this innovative solution.