August 19, 2022

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Two faces of the same America from Cali

Two faces of the same America from Cali

Satan did 45 dreamy minutes and another 45 nightmare. The Premier League is committed.

The narrow victory over Huila served much more than just adding three points, it was proof of the team and coaching staff in front of their people, of a truce between the two parties, a respite for all before facing the most important part of the semester.

With this inner fire, America went to Pascual Guerrero with all the intent and action to push Santa Fe forward, a goal that was accomplished very well in the early part of the game, despite the fact that the difference was also negligible. But it was another America: clear with the ball, calm on defense, stable on the field and doing things right. The goal celebration, as everyone hugged Osorio, was confirmation that the wind was blowing in his favour.

The hurricane arrived to change the weather, unleashing the storm and leaving the red ship out in the open again, with the hull battered, the captain without seeing the mainland and the shipwreck alarm ringing loudly from the platform, in the face of defeat, returned to run.

Strong capital winds were already being felt at the dawn of the sequel, but from the Osorio lighthouse there were changes that precipitated the fall: Malagón, Sierra, Ureña and Barreiro left to make way for Segura, Paz, Angulo and Torres. The mast that held the sail, which propelled the ship better, was dismantled.

The Premier League has been seriously compromised, with 90 minutes still to go in Bogotá, with Santa Fe knowing how to defend himself, with two goals deserving of gold. In the middle, Millionarius and Deportivo Calle, two reefs ready to end shipwreck if the captain doesn’t find the compass and spread the life jackets of a still stunned crew.

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