June 16, 2024

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'Two Lives' Preview: What will happen in the only two chapters broadcasted by TVE this week |  Film and Television

‘Two Lives’ Preview: What will happen in the only two chapters broadcasted by TVE this week | Film and Television

Because of La Vuelta, grill Spanish TV It will be subject to some changes. in a 1Without going any further, the cycling competition will directly affect one of its fictional titles: of souls. The daily series produced by Bambú Porducciones Only two episodes will air this week. in a Los 40 We tell you the main keys of both episodes.

Tuesday 17th class

Julia surrenders to Sergio’s demands. She is ready to liquidate the company to get rid of him. As much as her mother and the staff encouraged her to resist, no one seemed to be able to dissuade her. Danny’s decision to tell her father who he really is means that he comes to town, ready to spend more time with his daughter. Elena does not trust her ex-husbandBut she doesn’t want to disappoint Danny’s illusion.

Also descends on Robledillo Leo, the psychologist Diana and Julia met during their spiritual retreat. In Guinea, Carmen does not understand that Victor turned himself in when he had everything in his favor to escape. He decides to go to see him in prison to find out his reasons … And there he discovers something else, something he did not count on. Mutual suspicions lead Angel and Enes to discover what they did on the eve of Alicia’s death.. Lack of trust negatively affects lovers, and each piece of information is more painful than the previous one.

Wednesday class 18

Sergio continues to impose his conditions on the dissolution of the workshop The filtering becomes a reality. But for the workers, although they can do nothing to avoid the fatal outcome, what they can do is make it as difficult as possible for Sergio. Looks like Eric finally gave his arm to the sprain He agrees to apologize to Mario and compensate him for breaking his record.

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But what was a breakthrough soon turns into another struggle that leads the young man to make a drastic decision. Carmen panics when she thinks Patricia may be involved in the coup. Thus, in the unjust imprisonment of Victor. All his passion, from that moment on, would expose her mask. For his part, Quirós is increasingly feeling marginalized and rejected by his teammates. The situation is so dangerous that the young man is pushed into the worst isolation.