June 20, 2024

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The industry increased its sales volume by 19% in June and is adding four months of promotions

The industry increased its sales volume by 19% in June and is adding four months of promotions

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the Industry sales volume rose 19% in June Compared to the same month of 2020, a moderate rate of more than 26 points compared to May and by almost 50 points compared to April, where the largest recovery in the entire historical series was recorded, according to data released on Monday by the Institute of National Statistics Office (INE).

As June progresses, industry turnover is adding four consecutive months of increases after having previously restricted a year of negative interannual rates due to the Covid crisis.

However, it should be borne in mind that the year-on-year comparison takes place in June 2020, a month that is partly affected by the case of first alert and home confinement.

By sectors, energy sales increased 71.1% year-on-year, while intermediate goods bills increased 31.9%. These developments are followed by consumer durables (+16.2%) and non-durable consumer goods (+14.7%). In contrast, capital goods reduced their annual sales by 3.3%.

The branches in which sales increased the most in the inter-annual rate were Coke and Refined Petroleum Products (+71.3%), Manufacture of basic iron and steel products (+64.4%), jewelry making, Jewelry and musical instruments (+43.9%).

Adjusted for the impact of the calendar and seasonality, industry sales volume increased 18.7% year on year in the sixth month of the year, compared to an increase of 38.3% in May.

In the first six months of the year, industry sales accumulated with an average increase of 18.6%, highlighting the progress in sales in the manufacture of basic iron and steel products (+43.9%), the manufacture of motorcycles and bicycles (+43.2%) and the home appliance industry (+40.9%).

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Sales decline

In terms of monthly data, seasonally corrected data and a calendar, the industry reported a 0.6% drop in sales in June, compared to a 1.8% decline the previous month.

By sectors, only capital goods sales reduced sales in June (8% compared to May). The largest increase of 10.4% was for energy, followed by consumer durables (+3.1%), Intermediate goods (-1.9%) and non-durable consumer goods (+0.7%).

The activities that increased their sales the most compared to May were the leather and footwear industry (+25.2%); Tobacco industry (+17.8%) and coke plants and petroleum refining (+10.3%), while those with the highest declines were the automobile industry (-16%), computer and electronic products industry (-4%) and metal products industry (-1.4%) .

Industry sales volume increased in June in all independent communities at an inter-year rate.

The highest increases occurred in Andalusia and Asturias (+36% in both cases), the Canary Islands (+27.9%), Murcia (+27.3%) and Catalonia (+24.6%), while the lowest was in the Valencian community (+3%). ) and Galicia (+ 11.8%).