June 21, 2024

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Uber launches express last-mile delivery service for e-commerce retailers

Uber launches express last-mile delivery service for e-commerce retailers

American transportation service provider Uber has just announced in Spain the launch of its delivery service for e-commerce retailers. Specifically, its model is based on the rapid delivery of online shopping products to retail companies that have their own e-commerce channel and need a partner to distribute their products. Deliveries are local and the launch is available in 200 Spanish cities. Among the sectors that Uber identifies as potential users, as detailed by the company itself on its website, there are companies such as restaurants, supermarkets, the fashion sector, cosmetics, electronics, entertainment or the pharmaceutical sector.

The customer can place orders directly through the merchant’s website and choose the delivery option that suits him between express, same-day, or later-day delivery provided by Uber itself. For its part, the company will be able to integrate the services of the mobility service provider into its online sales system so that the customer can choose the option of having his orders delivered to his home through this service. Uber is responsible for executing the delivery of the order during the end-to-end purchase process from the website of the company from which the products were purchased. In the event of a return, Uber will also manage the delivery of the customer’s order to the company.

Items that can be delivered through this service can weigh a maximum of 20 kilograms and have dimensions similar to “suitcase dimensions,” according to the company’s website. They generally allow delivery within a six-kilometre radius of the locations they serve, although some products, such as pharmaceuticals or tobacco, may be restricted based on geographic location. In the case of deliveries by delivery drivers, they may agree with the customer the exact point where the delivery will take place and communicate with them.

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