April 12, 2024

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Ubisoft deletes purchased game accounts due to user inactivity

Ubisoft deletes purchased game accounts due to user inactivity

The company does not take into account that the accounts have acquisitions.

Ubisoft raises controversy by deleting user accounts

UbisoftThe company, which is on the agenda for teasing the possibility of a future takeover after the purchase of Activision Blizzard, has again raised criticism by certifying its mechanism through which Closing user accounts with deleting even purchased games If these accounts remain inactive for a long time.

Ubisoft’s support webpage specifies this A deleted account loses your saved purchases, achievements, progress, and everything else if it remains inactive for too long. However, the company makes it clear that they notify you via email of the possible closure of the account if you do not access it again, so this notification should be ignored or not taken into account until the account is closed.

The duration of inactivity is unknown, so we don’t know if it’s been a year, two, three or more without access to our Ubisoft account. Players appreciate it It’s two to six years, although the important thing to keep in mind is for the company to notify us via email that we have 30 days to access the account again and not lose it. However, there are many who criticize that the company loses out on the purchases of those who paid for any content.

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Ubisoft plans to release 10 games before April 2024

After the occasional bump, Ubisoft will resume the year strong with several releases. While earlier this year Ubisoft said it plans to release eight games before the end of the current fiscal year.that is, before March 31, 2024, in its most recent quarterly earnings report, the company updated this number and He added two more names to the list. In this way, 10 new games can be expected in the short term.