June 25, 2022

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Ubisoft Scalar, the new technology of video games - video games - technology

Ubisoft Scalar, the new technology of video games – video games – technology

At the Game Developers Conference, Ubisoft, an annual conference where the most talented digital developers showcase the best advances in video game technology, access Ubisoft Scalar, a system that will take virtual entertainment to another level.

According to the “BD Games” media review, this is a technology that the Stockholm division of Ubisoft has been working on for four years, in order to offer viewers the best experiences and their quality can improve while playing.

Contrary to what many believe, Ubisoft Scalar is not an engine that will replace the existing engines that have great potential and have given life to the most important games, such as ANVIL and Snowdrop.

This system will also not work as a replay and “streaming” technology, as previously suggested by Xbox, Play Station Now, or Stadia. This time, the technique works differently.

Scalar will serve as a technical update to existing engines, allowing video games to properly use the technology available in the cloud to continually improve graphics quality and performance.

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This means that The system won’t require downtime for maintenance and quality improvements, but video games will evolve and create new worlds as users play.

Today’s game engines come with increasingly complex techniques to modify and overcome. It is made up of various interconnected digital components such as audio, display, artificial intelligence, and others.

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The chassis only prevents part of the engine and the game from improving without affecting the rest of the components, so new engines have to be designed from scratch which requires more time to work on.

What Ubisoft Scalar strives for is that each part of the engine runs separately as a service in the cloud, so that improvements are implemented faster and without the need to stop the game completely.

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The creators of this new technology are Per-Olof Romell, Product Manager; Patrick Bach, CEO; and Christian Holmqvist, Technical Director, whoWho mentioned that they are also working on a new IP address that uses innovations in Ubisoft Scalar.

The new technology announced is also expected to introduce more advanced digital worlds, new social interactions between users, and future AI developments.

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