August 19, 2022

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UEFA Nations League 2022/23: All you need to know |  UEFA Nations League

UEFA Nations League 2022/23: All you need to know | UEFA Nations League

The third edition of the UEFA Nations League will kick off in June 2022, with the final phase scheduled to begin in the same month a year later.

As in the 2020/21 edition, the 2022/23 competition will consist of three leagues of 16 teams each and a fourth of seven, the composition of which will be determined by promotion and relegation in this second phase. With the groups selected for the draw to be held in Montreux on December 16th at 18:00 CET, here’s how it all works.

How it works?

Leagues A, B and C have 16 teams, which will be divided into four groups of four for the league stage. The remaining seven teams, in League D, will be divided into two groups, one of four and the other of three. In any event, the teams will play all their opponents in the group at home and away in June and September 2022. Four of the six days will be in June due to the Winter World Cup 2022 programmes.

The first four groups of League A groups will qualify for the knockout finals in June 2023. Group winners in the other three tournaments will be promoted to the next edition of 2024/25.

Teams that remain in fourth place in Leagues A and B groups will be relegated. The teams that finish fourth in League C groups will enter the March 2024 qualifiers, with the two defeated teams in those qualifiers advancing to League D.

What league does each team belong to?

Currently, 51 of the 55 countries of the European Football Association (UEFA) know which of the four tournaments they will participate in after the league stage ended last fall. The other four will play in Leagues C or D depending on the results of the qualifying rounds next March, with Kazakhstan facing Moldova and Cyprus facing Estonia.

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Teams appear in their Nations League standings after the 2020/21 group stage, with the exception of the four Champions League (Belgium, France, Italy and Spain), whose final standings will be determined in the final stage. October. The standings in the December 16 draw will also depend on that arrangement.

2020/21: All promotions and discounts

turn on

Nations League Final

Belgium (Tournament Final 2021)
France (final stage 2021)
Italy (final stage 2021)
Spain (final stage 2021)
Wales (promoted)
Austria (Upgraded)
Czech Republic (Upgraded)
Hungary (Upgraded)

b league

Ukraine (relegation)
Sweden (drop)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (relegation)
Iceland (drop)
Republic of Ireland
Slovenia (Upgraded)
Montenegro (Upgraded)
Albania (Upgraded)
Armenia (promoted)

league c

Turkey (dropped)
Slovakia (landed)
Bulgaria (Relegation)
Northern Ireland (relegation)
North Macedonia
(2 winners to be confirmed in March 2022)
Gibraltar (promoter)
Faroe Islands (Upgraded)

League C or D (2020/21)


If any of these four teams enter the 2022 World Cup qualifiers after finishing second in their group in the European qualifiers, the C League teams ranked 47th and 48th in the UEFA Nations League classification (Estonia and Moldova) will be automatically relegated.

d league

(Knockouts to be confirmed in March 2022)
San Marino

It is history

League stage draw: 18.00 CET, 16 December 2021
Day 1 & 2: June 2-8, 2022
Day 3 and 4: From 8 to 14 June 2022
Day 5 and 6: September 22-27, 2022
Final stage draw: to be confirmed
Semi-finals: June 14-15, 2023
Final and Third Place Match: June 18, 2023
Qualifiers: March 21-23 and March 24-26, 2024

How will the final stage work?

The first four seeded groups from the first division groups will participate, and in principle, one of them will be the host. The semi-finals will be played on 14 and 15 June 2023 and the final and third place match will be held on 18 June.

Final stage 2021: Italy

How does the UEFA EURO 2024 qualification fit into this?

Classification format for European Nations Cup 2024 It has yet to be confirmed, including details of how teams can win playoffs during the 2022/23 Nations League.