August 15, 2022

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The 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to Benjamin List and David MacMillan - Science - Life

The 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to Benjamin List and David MacMillan – Science – Life

Scientists David WC McMillan y Benjamin . List They are the award winners
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of a tool for building molecules, organic catalysis, announced the Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm.

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The uses of asymmetric organic catalysis include the search for new pharmaceutical products and it has also contributed to this Chemistry is greener.

Catalysts—substances that control and speed up chemical reactions, but are not part of the end product—are basic mechanisms for chemists. But for a long time, scientists believed that there were only two types of catalysts available: metals and enzymes.

Benjamin List and David Macmillan, both aged 53, received the prestigious award because in 2000 they had developed, “independently of each other,” “a third type of stimulation, organic stimulation,” an area that has progressed “with tremendous speed since the first decade of twenty-first century,” the Nobel Committee explained.

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Last year, the prize was awarded to French Emmanuel Charpentier and American Jennifer Doudna, for their research on “molecular scissors‘, a ‘revolutionary’ advance in human gene editing.

Next-generation DNA sequencing, nanocrystals or pioneers of messenger RNA vaccines against the coronavirus this year have emerged among the potential winners.

The Nobel season continues on Thursday with literature and Friday with peace. The Economy Award, the latest to be created, will be awarded on Monday. Due to the health crisis, the prize winners for the second year in a row will receive the prize in their country of residence, although there is still hope that the Peace Prize winner can receive it in Oslo.

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