April 12, 2024

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Uniformed officers monitor the southern border of the United States, and uncertainty about immigrants continues

Uniformed officers monitor the southern border of the United States, and uncertainty about immigrants continues

At least four hundred members of the National Guard, along with state police and Border Patrol agents, guard the banks of the Rio Grande in the “Chihuahita” region between El Paso in Texas and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

Meanwhile, on the southern border of the United States Uncertainty persistsSince it is not known how long Title 42, the health policy implemented in March 2020 to stop the entry of immigrants, can remain in effect. The decision is in the hands of the United States Supreme Court of Justice, a decision that could be delayed until February.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott said so Border control will be strengthened Until there is a final decision on the regulations.

For their part, many organizations claim that they no longer have room in their shelters because the flow of migrants does not stop. According to Ruby Tovar Rivera, of the Misión Rescate shelter, the library, the church and even the corridors had to be removed to increase capacity.

Especially with the weather conditions [bajas temperaturas] Whoever they are, we don’t want people to live on the streets,” he warned in remarks to Voice of America. According to Tovar, the venue’s capacity was exceeded and another warehouse was opened.

“Today we are moving many families there, men and women as well, and we are trying to give them the best we can,” he added.

Uncertainty and disappointment

Meanwhile, migrants continue to seek refuge to protect themselves from the freezing temperatures that plague the region.

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Venezuelan Humberto Balboa confirmed that the place is “very narrow” and that the situation is “difficult”.

Pedro de Velasco, of the Kino Borders Initiative, confirmed in remarks to Voice of America That “the environment is devastated”, that although they are hopeless due to past experiences, they still have some hope.

De Velasco met dozens of immigrants in Nogales, in the Mexican state of Sonora, who were hoping to cross into the United States to join their families in Christmas dates.

“Unfortunately, we had to tell them that the Supreme Court decided to stop this order ending Title 42,” he added.

Pros and Cons

Although an increase in immigrants at the border is expected, the US government has indicated that it is willing to address this serious Title 8 problem even by adopting new policies to respond to what happens after Title 42 ends.

Juanita Molina, director of border work, confirmed Voice of America that they saw “the White House reaction demanding an end to Title 42”, but also that “they need time to prepare” and believe a week is not enough to prepare for the changes.

asked the White House to the highest court to keep section 42 in force At least until 11:59 p.m. on December 27 to prepare.

According to Andrew Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies, “It appears that Title 42 will continue until at least two days after Christmas, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of foreign nationals across the border from illegally entering the United States.”

Therefore, large numbers of people are expected to arrive in the coming days. As Arthur commented in an interview with Voice of America“10,000 to 20,000 a day at least for a while.”

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Respect for the rule in question indicates that for some people it is beneficial to maintain it, while for others it cannot make much difference.

Doris Messner, one of the directors of the Migration Policy Institute, noted, “Reserving Title 42 favors some immigrant groups because if you’re from, say, Cuba or Nicaragua, we can’t send you back to those countries and we can’t go back to Mexico.”

The expert warns that it is important to know the law, because coyotes or human traffickers manipulate information to keep the business of transiting people into the United States unaffected by the state’s legal edicts.

[Con la colaboración de Karen Sánchez, periodista de la VOA, desde Bogotá]

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