July 1, 2022

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Unilever tests with 100% pay during a four-day work week in New Zealand

Unilever tests with 100% pay during a four-day work week in New Zealand

Unilever logo on grocery and cosmetics giant launches original job in New Zealand (Europa Press)

Anglo-Dutch manufacturer of consumer goods Unilever Enjoying on New Zealand From December 2020 and for the twelve-month period, the implementation of the four-day work week, 80% of the regular working day, will not apply to the pay cut for the 81 employees in the country who adhere to this initiative. , Announced the multinational company.

The project of multinational food and cosmetics companies is part of a New Zealand government-led project Jacintha Artern, Center-left, for Reactivate the economy after a recession of activity due to the epidemic Initiated corona virus Wuhan, China. However, depending on the results New Zealand, Unilever The week can be introduced in other countries in four days.

Participating Unilever New Zealand employees will hold 100% of their pay while 80% work”, The company points out, underscores that workers have the flexibility to determine”When and how they will perform better in the new configuration”.

In this sense, the company noted, although initially the trial of four working days was limited New Zealand, Will explore the possibility of assessing its impact on a broader scale for the future. Administrative director Unilever New Zealand, Nick Bangs, Approved the modification of normal labor practices as a result of the impact of the epidemic COVID-19 This has served as the impetus for the introduction of the four-day work week.

Our goal is to measure performance based on production, not time. We believe that the old working methods are obsolete and no longer fit the purpose“, Announced Banks. Unilever Collaborate with Business School of the University of Technology Of (UTS) Sydney In evaluating the quality results of the experiment.

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BanksMeanwhile, he highlighted the increase in interest in the short work week after changing the work culture in the epidemiological office. “This is an exciting time for our team, a way to examine the catalytic role played by COVID-19 in changing practices in the work world.“, He said.

The company expects productivity to increase if it offers more flexibility to its employees. “We are keen to share the lessons of this experiment with other New Zealand companies, in the hope that others will reflect on the way they work.“, He added Banks.

Proposal of the Order

Ortern It proposed the option of switching to a four-day week in May to help revive the economy weighed down by the restrictions imposed by the Corona. Seven weeks imprisonment. It also encouraged creative ideas in favor of flexibility in the company.

First, the famous Prime Minister thought of making that change with the aim of promoting domestic tourism. After a meeting with representatives of the tourism sector, he said some of the ideas put forward by the president last May were a reduction in the work week.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Artern arrives at a hotel in Auckland, New Zealand, in a file photo (Reuters)
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Artern arrives at a hotel in Auckland, New Zealand, in a file photo (Reuters)

This is an agreement to be made between the employer and the employee. But we learned a lot from Govit-19 (at the time of the epidemic) and the flexibility of people working from home, and the resulting productivity.“He comments Ortern.

Ortern He then asked both parties – the company and the employee – to think about the potential benefits of the four-day change and “If it’s something that works for your workplace, it will definitely help with nationwide tourism“.

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New Zealand It was one of the most successful countries in combating the spread of the virus. However, its economy also suffered a major break due to the six-week restrictions imposed. Now, with Unilever’s proposal, it could pioneer an original way of revamping the economy.

(With Europa Press information And AFP)

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