August 17, 2022

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Until when will Egoland 2 antirust drops be available?

Until when will Egoland 2 antirust drops be available?

Settlement Rust In the early days of the year it becomes usual to appear Egoland 2, a series that has a surprise in this continuity thanks to the free drops of up to 10 broadcasts … Despite all the awards, you should control the dates well.

The splitting of skins of all types into ten creators in Egoland 2 is one of the strengths of the series that goes beyond the usual joke in this type of confrontation, and according to official information, there are restrictions on days to get gifts after the duration of the event.

Although Egoland 2 has no expiration date, Alexby has emphasized on more than one occasion that he is very clear when it will end even though he is keeping every detail to himself in order to achieve an epic finale in the purest style of television fantasy. Of course, the drops go by.

The champions with passive and passive activity emphasized that to get the drops, you have to be fast because next Saturday, January 15th, will be the last day to get all the shapes, so there is time to split between the different streams and thus pick everything up.

If you’re still a bit lost, here’s a full list of the ten shortlisted for prizes being Rubius, Ibai, Auronplay, AgentMaxo, IlloJuan, Lolito FDEZ, Alexby, ElXokas, Staxx and Aroyitt, and here are all of the prizes reflected in the store Rust.

The series progressed better than expected with disproportionate numbers after day one, given that with only the top 12 creators in Egoland 2, close to a million viewers pull the world’s golden minute, a real madness dominated by Auronplay, IlloJuan and Rubius on day one (Ebay dominated the second with an average of 200k.)

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