One may be, two is very difficult, but giving up three goals in a single game never crosses anyone’s mind. But unfortunately, Maykayla Moore hit the negative milestone: She converted a hat-trick against her own fence in the US 5-0 win over New Zealand in the She Believes Cup final.

25-year-old security guard, works LiverpoolThe worst game of his life was in the structure of the preparation for the World Cup to be held by the New Zealanders next year.

When the game was 0-0, Moore changed history in just two minutes: In 5 minutes he tried to clear a shot from Sofia Smith and sent the ball to the bottom of her goal, and 60 seconds later, hit her own goalkeeper with her head.

But there was more: In 35 minutes she tried to destroy a low cross and turned it into her own fence, so five minutes later the New Zealand coach decided to replace her.

Look at the three goals against Moore: