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Venezuela thanks Iran for its strong refusal to seize Citgo

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Gill quoted Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani, who considered this action “an illegal measure by the United States to confiscate and sell shares” of the aforementioned entity affiliated with the state-run Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). ).

As Iran points out in its statement, the senior diplomat expressed on his X account that this action is a clear violation of international law and “blatant theft that seeks to expand the damage caused by unilateral coercive measures.”

Al-Kanaani pointed out that Citgo’s refineries are part of the assets of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and stressed that the American decision violates international law.

The National Assembly (Parliament) discussed this issue yesterday in a regular session, and lawmakers rejected it.

Jorge Rodriguez, Speaker of Parliament, denounced the US Court of Delaware’s acceptance of bids to complete the auction and the theft of Citgo.

He announced that “there are companies that have previously shared the spoils at a truly ridiculous price,” because the assets of that Venezuelan entity amount to $21 billion.

Rodriguez insisted that the Citgo had been stolen, had already been sold at auction, and instead of opposing, all he asked was to wait “until August for the elections to pass, because it might hurt us.”

He accused “the thieves Horacio Medina, Leopoldo López, Juan Guaido, José Ignacio Hernández and Julio Borges, who agreed and were “the ones who delivered it under his administration,” which covered the legislative period 2015-2020,” he said.

The representative stressed that they have already submitted the offers and the envelopes are in the Delaware court, where there are companies that “said they want to destroy” that national entity owned by PDVSA.

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A statement issued on Monday stressed that Venezuela “does not and will not recognize the forced sale of Citgo that is being carried out, in blatant disregard for economic guarantees, due process and the right to defense, guaranteed by any civilized state.”

The Venezuelan executive confirmed that he will continue to take all measures available to him to prevent the completion of the expropriation process, while reserving the right to take action “against any company or individual that acquires shares, facilitates the purchase or negotiates its assets.” “.


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