June 28, 2022

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Video: Among the tears, Hossam revealed his separation from his wife, Tatiana Orozco

Video: Among the tears, Hossam revealed his separation from his wife, Tatiana Orozco

Hassan. Photo: Instagram @oficialhassam

Girly Hassan Gomez or Hassan as everyone knows himHe broke the silence and revealed the serious consequences of his separation from his wife, Tatiana Orozco, with whom he has been romantically linked for more than 17 years and with whom he has two daughters.

However, at this time in the relationship, there were already two ruptures that were resolved after some talks with mutual agreements.

Recently, on the gossip program on Channel One “I know everything,” she told about how she went through the process of breaking up and, through tears, the serious emotional crisis that she created.

“I am in crisis, now I am in emotional crisis, I’m talking about absolute pain when you confuse physical and emotional. You put the acetaminophen and the pill on the physicist, but it’s very difficult to emotionally heal, and we clowns have double the pressure because that way we turn dirt… We have to go up on stage and entertain, make people laugh, the humorist said of “I know everything.”

The comedian was asked about his wife who at the time of his cancer diagnosis was the one who supported him and didn’t leave him alone for a moment from his illness, but things have changed today.

“At that moment my salvation was, she was there with me and now she is not with us, Tatiana’s not here, I’m with the girls and well, wherever she is, I hope at some point you’ll laugh at those silly things I did … Being together helped me a lot, wherever he is, I thank him very much because he was an important part, and he is still present because the Chinese are his reflection,” Hossam added to the gossip program on Channel One.

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Regarding his recovery, he confirmed that he is in very good shape, progressing and is already on protocol number three of all progress.

“I started with chemotherapy in 2019-2020, with chemotherapy, then I had a bone marrow transplant, and we thought there would be two and thank God it was only one, then the radiotherapy came, Now I’m taking oral chemotherapy, which is a paste that I take with a bottle, so it’s once a week, three weeks a month.,” concluded the comedian on “Lo Sé Todo.”

Something that caught the attention of the comedian’s followers was the fact that he never made videos with his daughters again. When in doubt, the comedian explained why they didn’t appear in his posts.

“Because they have entered the age when they feel sorry for everything, that young friends see her on social networks and criticize her or say things to her, she is in a pre-teenage stage.”The comedian responded to his InstaStories, however his daughter overheard him talking about it and immediately intervened.

“What happens is when I come home from school I have to go home to do my homework and his videos are really bad, they are from old Tiktoker”And there the comedian answers him in a funny way: “Hello, with that I pay for school!”.

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