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Vietnam’s parliament addresses state budget and human trafficking

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Discussions on the budget issue will revolve around the submitted government report, which stated that the initially estimated income for the reference year was $58.59 billion, but the actual settlement exceeded $71 billion, i.e. a rate exceeding 28.8 percent.

Regarding the behavior of expenditures, the report indicates that it was initially estimated at $72 billion, but only $68 billion was used, which is why it fell below expectations by 5.7 percent.

The document explained that this disparity is due to a decrease in central budget spending (86.7 percent of the planned plan) compared to local budgets, which amounted to 99.6 percent of the estimates.

In its verification report, the Finance and Budget Committee of the Vietnamese legislature praised the government and Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh for their efforts in strengthening the country’s fiscal and budgetary discipline, which has led to positive results in income management as well. As expenses.

Deliberations on a draft resolution on regulating the urban management model and pilot implementation of various mechanisms and special policies for the development of the coastal city of Da Nang are also scheduled to take place on Friday.

The VNA news agency also announced that the National Assembly will study in its afternoon session a revised draft law to prevent and combat human trafficking, as well as national maritime spatial planning for the period 2021-2030 with a vision until 2050.

During its session the previous day, the Vietnamese Parliament ratified the decisions related to the election of Nguyen Thi Thanh as Vice-President of the Legislative Body, and approved the appointment of Le Thanh Luong as Deputy Prime Minister and Luong Tam Quang as Head of the Public Sector. protection.

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Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hung Ha addressed a series of social and economic issues and outlined plans for the coming months, where a set of measures are expected to be adopted to strengthen social welfare policies and improve living standards, he said. .

The seventh regular session of the Vietnamese Parliament began on May 20, and will be held in two phases: the first will last until June 8, and the second from 17 to 28 of the same month.


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