August 17, 2022

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Villa Paraiso puts Zoe on the ropes on 'Island of Temptations' to 'get off the shit' |  Film and Television

Villa Paraiso puts Zoe on the ropes on ‘Island of Temptations’ to ‘get off the shit’ | Film and Television

Sandra Face the fires of confrontation with Dario who doubted his future in The island of strife. Therefore, before she knew whether or not to continue with the program, she wanted to clear things up with her buddies.

“I don’t want to leave here and find surprises by you. I always told you I’d rather you meet me face to faceShe said to her comrades confirmed zoe that’s according to impolite She was saying that she kept a piece of paper in the village. explained that it was a conversation she had with Zoe one night when she got into a fight with Sandra and ended up warming her head. “Don’t think any more because You also said things and shot a little fire in your mouthZoe replied.

Sandra insisted she didn’t like that he tried to turn her against one of her classmates, which Zoe denied, and who ended up apologizing if he made her feel that way.

Zoe against everyone

Going to the extreme of ‘Zoe is going to attack, Zoe is a filthy screw’, I’m so sorry, but I won’t allow it because I wasn’t raised like this, and I’m notJose’s girlfriend defended herself.

I think Zoe manipulated one of my classmates I think because of a mistake I made with my partner, I don’t need to judge me,” Sandra said to the cameras.

“We’ve had a conversation now and I feel a little bit attacked because in the end everything I do or say is always for the good of everyone and it turns out it wasn’t, I accept my mistakes and from now on I will try to act differently so that they don’t feel bad‘ Zoe explained to Sandra Barnida When he arrived at the villa, he asked them what was going on.

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“Since we found out about Sandra, I’ve made the comment that how I entered here is false, in quotation marks, for It would be hard for me to trust this person again because I amZoe explained what happened and confirmed that she felt attacked.

“I don’t think we’re attacking Zoe, I think we’re saying that from in a constructive way So that you can also understand our position, ”explained

“It’s respectable that you don’t trust anyone, but To try to get drunk even for others… “, he added Rosario. But Zoe was cutting it to make it clear that she wasn’t intoxicated.

The truth is that bad feelings seem to have settled in Villa Paraiso. The girls don’t quite see that Zoe wants to be involved in everything and interpret this as an intention to “get the bullshit out”.

We’ll see if this explodes or if they are able to find a meeting point between them.