May 22, 2022

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Viral video |  The story of the "mariachi otaku" video that reopened "Sailor Moon" |  social networks |  Mexico |  MX |  directions |  nnda nnrt stories |  stories

Viral video | The story of the “mariachi otaku” video that reopened “Sailor Moon” | social networks | Mexico | MX | directions | nnda nnrt stories | stories

In Mexico, artist Angel Ortiz was known as On conquered To show the “mariachi version” of the opening of “Sailor Moon”, one of the most popular and well-known cartoons in Latin America. The music video from Latin America went viral and added thousands of interactions within the Asian platform.

The truth about the viral video of “mariachi otaku”

Angel Ortizmariachi originated from State of Mexico, in using their digital platforms to show their talents to the world. For this reason, the singer has made covers of popular cartoons such as “Candy Candy”, “Pokemón” and “Ranma ½”.

In a short time, Ángel’s numerous contents went viral, winning the admiration of fans of the genre of Japanese origin. In the face of this popularity, “mariachi otaku” has continued to combine their two passions and has now created a version of the opening theme of sailor moon.

In this sense, Angel Ortiz decided to interpret the song “Legendary Moonlight” mariachi style. With hat and mask tuxedo maska character from the anime, “tiktoker” was responsible for playing all the instruments to sing the Spanish version of “The Opening”.

Netizens clap for the release of Sailor Moon

For their part, users praised Angel Ortiz’s new cover and wrote comments like “If someone comes to me singing like this, I will marry there”; “looks good”; “I definitely need this tune in my life”; “Congratulations, how good are you”, Among other things.

sailor moon

Beautiful Sailor Moon Soldierbetter known as Sailor Moon, is a manga series written by Naoko Takeuchi in December 1991. The content has been known to popularize the magical girl sub-genre with great success, she explains. .

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How do you make a viral video?

  • Create short, high quality videos.
  • Put your video keywords in the title and description.
  • Promote your video through social networks.
  • Make it easy for your readers and followers.
  • Let him not be indifferent.