June 16, 2024

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Viva Aerobus has opened flights between Mexico City and Bogota

Viva Aerobus has opened flights between Mexico City and Bogota

At 11:35 local time this Saturday, the inaugural Viva Aerobus flight from Mexico City landed at El Dorado Airport in Bogota, which was a very low-end landing not only in Colombia but also in South America.

“Today we arrive in Bogotá, our first destination in South America! We are pleased to come to Colombia to present Viva Aerobus’ unique value proposition: the lowest prices and a clear customer focus. “We thank everyone for such a warm welcome,” the airline’s CEO, Juan Carlos Zwazua, said via his Twitter account.

Photo: Viva Aerobus Press

The arrival of Viva Aerobus comes in the context of the expansion of many airlines into the Mexico and Colombia market after Interjet’s departure, and in the case of Mexican private airlines, in the need to grow southwards as they cannot add capacity in the US, given the downgrade that that country applied to Mexico In terms of air safety.

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Viva Aerobus starts with two weekly flights but from mid-September will arrive on the daily flight between Mexico City and Bogota.

Given the impending landing on the Volaris Route, scheduled for October 6, the market between the two capitals will change completely.

Aeromexico will continue to dominate but with 35% of seat width, followed by Viva Aerobus with 19% and Avianca with 15.3%.

In terms of frequencies, Mexico Airlines maintains 10 per week, followed by Viva Aeropus and Avianca with a daily flight. Viva, Volaris and Wingo will offer four weekly flights.