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The triumph of El Juli and the imagination of Morante at the first exhibition in Almería

The triumph of El Juli and the imagination of Morante at the first exhibition in Almería

Julián López right-handed “El Juli” gives a pass to his first bull at his first entry at the 2021 Almería Fair taking place at Avenida Vilches in the capital of Almería. EFE / Carlos Barba

Almeria, August 21 (EFE). – Julián López “El Juli”, by ear, was the first winner of a bullfighting show in the Virgen del Mar de ALmería, on a fictional afternoon in Morante de la Puebla, authorized for his bad sword, as happened to the third sword in the cartel, José María Manzanares .
The thing in Morante de la Puebla is from another planet. The afternoon was supposed to be framed in Almeria despite the fact that his chalice mark only reflected the mark he had cut out from the bull who had opened the box, the one cloaked in a cloak and from which everything inside was removed in a mission that collected duende and insolence.
But in the room came madness. Two runs to receive him in the third, Veronicas of upscale interpretation, a colossal removal by chicuelinas, and, surprise, taking sticks for the star in the big third of the banderillas, with a third pair in the category break.
The crutch task was high too, with very important crutches, included and great taste. Kante’s grand quest which, in the end, was greatly acclaimed because of his bad sword.
El Juli was very moderate with a second of sprinting that cut off an ear for a mission of importance and, above all, delved into lying after an effective push.
And another Julian of the fifth walked on a post in which he carried out all kinds of virguerias at a short distance, passing them through Petunin with great contentment and poise. The stretchers asked him about the double cup, but the box left the prize in the singular.
Manzanaris cut off an ear from his first bull, a controllable bull who fought with his own elegance in a mission that culminated the first time with a sword, the same thing that forbade him from touching the hair of the Sixth, a shorter bull of the bull breed. Hit, likewise, high-quality crutches on both hands.
FESTEJO information. – Six Zalduendo bulls, comfortable and made of pairs, are noble and can be controlled in different degrees.
Morante de la Puebla, great ear and welcome.
Julian Lopez “The Jolly”, ear and ear.
Jose Maria Manzanares, ear and applause after the warning.
The box scored three-quarters of the entry over the permitted capacity.

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