May 22, 2022

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Volkswagen Scout autos eléctricos

Volkswagen will revive the ‘Scout’ name in an electric pickup and SUV

One of Volkswagen’s plans is to gain more market share in the US, and with the new Scout brand it can do just that.

searchlight It is an old American off-road model that appeared between the sixties and eighties and is currently not active, but Volkswagen I would consider reviving it as a brand to enter the heavy duty electric truck and SUV segment in the United States.

The new interests of the German brand arise from the goal of selling more of its vehicles in North America. The component you need can be represented in Scout, to meet the growing demand for it All terrain vehicles in this market.

Volkswagen knows that it must satisfy customers as well as match them Electricity plans that works. At the moment, it seems that everything has been submitted, because since 2020 he has become a creditor of The parent company of Scouting (International Harvester) and owns all rights to it.

Volkswagen and its potential brand of electric off-road vehicles: Scout

The Scouts could be brought back to life by Volkswagen, just as other manufacturers (cited from North America) have done like Ford with raw and GMC with hammer 🔨. The strategy that works commercially and that will lead to an opportunity for success Germans from the United States.

In his years of service, the Scout was the main classic Jeep and Bronco rival, Considering that he had one of the Early SUVs That marked the history of this type of truck. If it comes back, it will keep the same concept but with the latest payment technology applied.

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Everything indicates that VW will use this historical name in the file Unprecedented 100% electric pickup and SUV Focus on the US market. The project will officially start From 2026 Which means an investment of more than 1,000 million dollars.

Given that it is a wise decision, the German manufacturer will have no fault against domestic brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, General Motors and Tesla Those who already have, or are in the process of developing their own “zero emission” trucks. Among these: F-150 Lightning s Silverado EV.

Volkswagen Scout electric cars

This information appeared after, in an interview conducted weeks ago, my managers American Volkswagen Group, will remember that Mark was exploring Actively the sector of electric pickup trucks. It is now known that one of the expectations in this sector is to reach a sale 250 thousand units annually.

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Jessica Paula Vera Garcia. source: Car News