December 9, 2023

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Vulnerabilities in smart devices used at home

Vulnerabilities in smart devices used at home

It has been revealed up to 61 weak points in smart devices Used at home. It was the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) that discovered the vulnerabilities, 12 of them are of a critical nature.

A. was performed Cybersecurity analysis of 17 devices Internet-connected homes. Some of these devices were Routers, smart phonesAnd video surveillance cameras Smart watchesamong other things.

the More serious security breaches They have been found in video surveillance cameras, electronic locks and mobile devices. This happens, above all, in products for sale in little-known online stores.

Therefore, consumers are advised to purchase devices from online stores located in Europe.

Device problems

First of all, in 9 of 17 devices Analyzed still Accept simple passwords As “123456” and encryption of communications between devices and applications with servers is weak or non-existent.

In addition, this also happens when data is stored on memory cards. Allow people with network access to capture data such as password, username, and video recordings.

On the other hand, you can Intercepting communications between two parties and changing them. This occurs in four products analyzed.

Likewise, you can too Dismantling and handling various devices To study with some technical knowledge. a hacker It could alter the software or install malicious software.

What measures has been taken by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation?

Until the new becomes mandatory European Cyber ​​Resilience Law in 2027OCU recommended the Department increase cybersecurity controls and impose exemplary penalties on brands that do not comply.

The OCU has argued that manufacturers must, in addition to ensuring the safety of devices, Track your products And communicate the time during which security updates are guaranteed.

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In addition, the OCU also recommended that consumers give priority to devices on sale in online stores located in Europe, which Modify password To bring up the device by default and verify that The device is updated to the latest version For operating system.