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Walter Dominguez: his debut at Centenario Stadium, the people’s title and his future

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Walter Dominguez spoke with ESPN After visiting Centenario Stadium for the first time. Juventud Soriano striker He confirmed which Montevideo club he would play for, revealed what he would do with Celeste’s first shirt and thanked the people for their support, who called him “the people’s player”..

Born on June 13, 1999, he was called up to join the Uruguayan national team, which consists of players playing in the country, and in the friendly match against Costa Rica he entered in the 79th minute for Bruno Damiani.

“Everyone dreams of being in the Uruguay national team, it’s a very beautiful thing. It was only a few minutes, but it was a lot for me. When I went in, something rose, positive energy, there is the photo with the Russian Diego Perez where you can see the happiness I felt. He highlighted what he experienced at the National Stadium in San Jose last Friday, May 31: “I was very happy.”

Then reveal What he will do with his light blue No. 20 jersey: “I will ask my teammates to sign my jersey.”I still talk to them, we created a very nice group. I’ll see if they sign it so I can hang it up.“.

He said he was recognized by Uruguayan fans as “the people’s player”. Dominguez already had this nickname playing for Mercedes, but the “nickname” spread across the country because he was the only amateur footballer and member of the Organization of Indoor Football (OFI) to join the local team’s squad.

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He said: “I am happy that they gave me the title of People’s Player, it is a very nice thing and it also has the support of all the people, not only from Mercedes, but from other places.”

Dominguez returned to Uruguay the day after the friendly match against Costa Rica, and Sunday saw the match between Fenix ​​and Peñarol played at Centenario Stadium in Round 15 of the inaugural Uruguayan Championship.

“The stadium is beautiful, with the rain and everything very nice to play in. It’s the first time I’ve come to watch a centenary match, and the truth is that The stadium is amazing, it’s beautiful. I have already fulfilled my dream of visiting Centenary, and maybe at some point I can play here and this dream can come true.“, assessed the attacker.

He added: “Recently my life has changed a lot because of training. In Soriano I did nothing, and in Phoenix I have to work double hours. I feel very good.”

My future is in Phoenix We’re going to put it out there. “I think I will form a good duo with the Brazilian Dudu, but I think I will get along with everyone to play well.” It is to be able to fulfill these days.

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