June 23, 2024

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Webb Space Telescope finds the most distant galaxy known

Webb Space Telescope finds the most distant galaxy known

A new record has been achieved in the field of astronomy: observations using the James Webb Space Telescope They have found the most distant galaxy knownWhich existed less than 300 million years ago after the Big Bang.

The resulting image, taken in January this year by NIRCAM (Near Infrared Camera) of Deep extragalactic study Advanced research by James Webb has revealed data that has been used to decide which galaxies should be studied more closely. Spectroscopic observations.

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The discovery of liquid light, the fascinating “fifth state of matter.”

Thus, one of these galaxies, JADES-GS-Z14-0 (shown enlarged), was identified at a redshift of 14.32 (+0.08/-0.20), Breaking the previous record of 13.2. And if that wasn’t enough, astronomers have noted that it is, at its core, a very luminous galaxy, which undoubtedly raises eyebrows Scientific benefit from the discovery.

What is JADES-GS-Z14-0, the most distant galaxy on record?

From the pictures it appears that the source Its diameter is more than 1,600 light-yearsWhich shows that the light we see comes mainly from young stars and not from near-A emissions Giant black hole increase.