May 22, 2022

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Warner Won’t Replace Ezra Miller With Dylan O’Brien In The Flash

Despite recent rumors that Dylan O’Brien will replace Ezra Miller in The Flash, that’s not going to happen for the time being.

After all The problem you got yourself into Ezra Miller Lately, that shouldn’t be surprising Warner Bros. He was thinking of replacing an actor flash for future projects DCEU. Last night a new rumor jumped to the front line saying that Another actor It was being considered To take on the mantle of the world’s fastest man, and it’s fair to say it’s a popular choice.

This will be the actor Dylan O’BrienKnown for his work on the trilogy maze runnerAnd bumblebee And the series teen wolf. Naturally, fans on social media influenced these rumors, with some even suggesting who they would prefer to see as Miller’s successor. However, it is possible that they are quick with their comments and fan castings.

Variety’s senior entertainment writer, Adam B VariAnd Tweet recently Insiders claim that the studio will not reprise the role of Barry Allen / The Flash despite the recent and highly publicized legal issues. Fary added that since Miller plays several alternate versions of scarlet speedsterreplacing it “would effectively mean reshooting the entire movie.”

A little more than a year after the premiere, replacing the main actor of a blockbuster movie from a purely practical point of view would be almost a daunting task, even if there was some time before the movie hit theaters. Given that, it doesn’t look like Warner Bros. You want to remake the entire movie, but there is no indication that Miller’s future is secure after the movie.

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