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What happened to Luciano D’Alessandro in the mammogram?

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Famous Venezuelan actor Luciano D’Alessandro He posted on his official Instagram account a sincere message in it Realize the importance of women getting mammograms early.

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It wasn’t another message and it wasn’t another video. the hero of the story The law of the heart His followers are exposed to situations from his daily life and He wanted to tell the tale he lived when his wife, Maria Alejandra Requena, was called to do a self-examination..

Immediate cannot be above important

D’Alessandro, who has 3.5 million followers on the social network Instagram, He wanted to educate all his followers not to postpone an important event such as early diagnosis. According to him, a woman should have the unconditional support of a man, this can save lives!

I’m here because I want to tell you a tale that I’ll be interested in, beautiful ladies. It turns out that a few days ago, Marielle made an appointment to have a mammogram like every year. As a good husband I told, I’ll be with you, I know many women are concerned about having a mammogram. It’s a bit of a tough test. They just call her from work and the same day of the mammogram they give her a whirl for a report. Mary told me, Hey, I can’t self-test, I have to travel for work. I said no, wait a minute: what’s immediate cannot be above what’s really important, which in this case is your health. I told Marie that and to talk to people at work, they would understand. They put the trip off for another day and she was able to do the mammogram.

Recommend to all women

D’Alessandro went further, in addition to telling his story through self-examination, he advocated for “beautiful women” not to allow their late diagnoses to join the lists of breast cancer deaths in Colombia..

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Beautiful women, the really important thing is health. We don’t want you to be part of the late diagnosis statistic. You know that the leading cause of death for women in Colombia is breast cancer. It’s in your hands to make an appointment, get the mammogram done. And you, dear men, apart from taking the exam, we also have the responsibility to accompany our womenWhether they are mothers, wives or daughters. Health comes first.

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