July 5, 2022

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What is it and what are its health risks?

What is it and what are its health risks?

A red, orange or yellow sky. Storm Celia covers the skies of the Valencian Community hanging dust He colored it in a whole range of colors that might look good More typical of the Martian sky than the sky of Valencia. it’s about fog It is an atmospheric phenomenon that has its origin in Airbag displacement south of the desert. Atmospheric instability that causes Dana Located on the Mediterranean Sea Air from North Africa On the Spanish coast in general and the Valencian coast in particular.

Fog turns Valencian community into Mars Jose Raul Garcia / MeteoVinalopo

What is fog

Experts warn that these episodes, Most popular in Canary Islands known as fogdevelops when fine particles of mineral dust, of natural origin from the Sahara desert and mostly between 10 and 2.5 microns in diameter, are drawn through the air. the fog It also features Dry and warm air of the eastern component comes from the Sahara desert. These two cases added to the dust in commenting that engulfing the atmosphere They are behind many inconveniences that could start in the coming days.

These aerosols or particles are known as PM10 and have the ability to penetrate the respiratory tract. If the concentration of particles exceeds 50 µg/m3, which is defined by community regulations as the permissible limit, it carries risks for the population, especially the most vulnerable, especially those suffering from chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis.

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There may be episodes in which previous illnesses are complicated and outbreaks appear.

Better predictions of summer

The episode of fog affecting the Valencian community in the midst of a gust of wind and rain will not have complications, as a rule, that can be caused by the accumulation of dust in the suspension state for the most sensitive people. If weather forecasts come true, precipitation will help clean up the atmosphere for these fine particles. The air will no longer be polluted by suspended dust and will turn into mud when mixed with rain.