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What is the cost of the first flying motorcycle already on sale |  trends

What is the cost of the first flying motorcycle already on sale | trends

trade mark ALLI Technologies Apply to market “XTurismo Limited Edition”, The first commercial flying motorcycle created to glide at a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour in urban and rural centers.

(The state has room to sell a million motorcycles a year.)

After more than four years of design and manufacturing work, the motorcycle is now available in the Japanese market as it hopes to expand its distribution to other places in the world.

This innovative plane It was put up for sale at a price of 770 thousand dollars (about three thousand three hundred and ninety million pesos).

It is expected that a smaller version of the motorcycle will be released in the United States, which will be in 2023. They also plan to reduce the price of the car to 50 thousand dollars (two hundred twenty million pesos) in the coming years. , is more easily accessible, according to information provided by “Byte” specialized media.

The car maker, based in Japan, specializes in creating high-tech drones.

Features and operation

The motorcycle has six propellers located towards the sides of the body, 3.7 meters long, 2.4 meters wide and 1.5 meters high. Its weight is about 300 kilograms.

(More than 26% of Colombians use a motorcycle.)

Although it is designed for private use (despite its high price), it can also be used to service emergency and rescue entities.

The vehicle is a hybrid vehicle with a conventional engine and six batteries. The standard ATV design was used, but where the wheels will go are large, drone-inspired turbines.

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The motorcycle can stay in the trip for up to 40 minuteslimited time for an air vehicle if flights in cities with large populations, such as Tokyo or New York, are taken into account.

Of course, one of the pillars of automobile innovation remains: taking vehicles traditionally intended for land traffic to conquer the air.

With the flying motorcycle, it is expected that transportation times within the city will be reduced, as traffic will not be a problem for those who buy the new car: in the future, after regulating its use, People will be seen in the sky of major cities to avoid traffic jams.

The project has many specialists in its head, however, Japanese personalities and great world brands are not far behind: the motorcycle project was promoted by football player Keisuke Honda (I remembered about his time in Milan and his unique journey in football Mexican Foot), as well as by Mitsubishi electric and Kyocera, who have been major technology investors in the Asian country for more than 30 years.

(“The Future of Mobility in Flying Cars”).

“So far the choice has been to move on the ground or ladder in the sky. We hope to introduce a new method of movement.”Diyasuke Katano, CEO of ALI, said in an interview with the media, ‘Reuters’.

So far, Xtourism He faces the challenge of making it more practical: it is very noisy, it is remotely controlled, and vertical take-off and landing is not legal today on the streets, according to the above method.

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