April 12, 2024

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What Marc Marquez won't have on his Ducati bike in 2024

What Marc Marquez won't have on his Ducati bike in 2024

Marc Marquez We will get Ducati In 2024, but it will not be so That's 2024But in 2023, GP23, with the innovations presented by the Poles last year… but not with the innovations presented this winter. They worked on Borgo Panigale and there will be highlights.

Marca spoke with Davide Parana, Artistic Director of “Ducatista”., which details where Desmosedici evolved most. “We have worked on all frontsBecause a motorcycle is made of many things. You can't think of just one of them, although sometimes there are weaknesses that you should focus on, but you should not forget about the rest. In the past we said: “The bike doesn't turn, it doesn't turn” and we worked a lot to improve the spin. but We continue to work on the engine and electronics. Performance depends on a combination of things, not just one thing. We continue with this philosophy. For next year, We will have a better engine, with more power. It is clear that after ten years of stable organization, this has become the case It's always hard to find another horse. But every year we try and this year we achieved a good range of benefits. Also with the introduction of new fuels that are part of this result. “We have been testing the new specifications with Shell for over a year and are very pleased with the step forward in performance.”

The engine is better in every way. “From last year's experience, we were very good Keen to maintain ease of management For the engine, because last year it cost us a little bit initially to get the same driveability of the old engine back. So, that's why we took the new engine to Valencia, but we worked a lot on calibration, so that we arrive ready, with different options and to be able to do tests, which I must say went well because Pico and the other pilots were happy and I noticed increased benefits In terms of management, it is the same if not more than before. But we have to be careful because it was only on one track and like Valencia, which is very special, with a lot of control. A circle with a large grip always helps. We'll see in different places, but, at least, We left Valencia with a smile and optimism“The engineer says.

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Gigi Dall'Igna's right hand is clear Where this improvement will be most noticeable: “in effectiveness.”. However, it would not be exaggerated. “Up to 370 km/h? No, It will be noticeable at very few kilometers per hour. To achieve approximately ten kilometers per hour, dozens of horses are needed. Moreover, the maximum speed depends on power, but also on aerodynamics. If you have a lot of room to generate downforce, it will cost you more at top speed. But there are other things, that's why You have to reach balance“, Add.

Highly variable aerodynamics

Moreover, from the outside you will already see great diversity. “Then we will have it Aerobic groupWhich as usual we will take to Sepang. At the show, we saw the aerodynamics of the previous year… and also since we have few parts, we always arrive at the last minute. The difference will be clear. There is no need to think that it is something that has never been seen before, however The differences are quite clear. In simulations, on paper, it gives us good results This must be confirmed on the track by the pilots, at the level of sensations. “It also acknowledges the actions we will take down the road.”

Barana doesn't dare give a percentage on how better the GP24 is than the GP23, but it does provide a key piece of information. “I think that The difference between GP24 and GP23 will be higher than the difference between GP23 and GP22“Announce.

It reveals that without becoming a radically different machine, it introduces profound changes. “We rarely make a completely new bike. You only do it when you have to change so many things that you think it's worth starting from scratch. That rarely happens, also because it's risky because even on difficult bikes, there are things that work when you make a motorcycle And trying to improve something, you also risk losing something you already have, which is why more developments are made than revolutions. We only make completely new developments from 2015 or when regulations change, as when the offset changed in 2007. And then, You make fairly big advances, depending on the ideas you have in mind. There too Developments we make during the year, which is less obvious than a gift that looks good. And underneath, we've changed a lot. Like last year, we made an important development mid-year. It has been noted that KTM has a very good starting system. Then we equalised, and in the end, we were a little better. It was the result of an evolution in the frame, the height-lowering device of the motorcycle…it was very big. We need many months to implement it. We didn't give it much publicity, but…”he explains.

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