May 19, 2022

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What the singer said about undergoing surgery and Botox to look much better - Prensa Libre

What the singer said about undergoing surgery and Botox to look much better – Prensa Libre

Mexican regional music singer Julian Alvarez In the Mexico City After he recorded his latest song so that it can be removed Collaboration with singer Luis R. Conriquez.

Alvarez spoke more deeply about the song at a press conference. “It is the fusion of two generations in the music concerned for the audienceAnd that made me attractive,” he emphasized.

Another topic discussed at the press conference was the expectations that would be created Before returning to the stage he had stopped due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Among these expectations is not only the new music that Alvarez is preparing, But also about his physical condition, according to the Mexican singer.

“It was a little while before we threw ourselves here with some friends, We take a picture and we all look in loveSo we said, “Let’s do it” Playing sports“And I was losing up to that point, not the kilos.”

When a reporter asked him about it If you are going to have surgery to change your appearanceThe translator confirmed that he took this option into account.

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“Yeah, I thought about it, I really thought about it, because before I was 33 I was dieting and losing weight. Now I’m on a diet and not ejaculating, and my metabolic rate isn’t the same anymore And yes, it has changed a lot,” he emphasized.

A reporter asked him if he would arrive To use BotoxThe singer simply replied,Yes why not?“.

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Many Mexican celebrities have undergone various treatments to beautify their faces or improve their appearance. He was one of the people they mentioned at the press conference Julio Preciado, TV presenter who underwent a lipectomyIt is a process that removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal area.

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Another topic on which the singer expressed his opinion is the hadith Complaint from parents Christian Nodal About general fraudThey are accused of rewriting the contracts that make their son the owner of many songs and videos.

“Fraud? I have never heard anything about fraud. I know Don Jaime and I’ve always known him as a hardworking person and a fighter.“, Sure.

He commented that the melodies are similar to each other based on different questions from music theory, The ability to cause it to be considered plagiarism or fraud.

Parts of some songs are in the same key and fall into the same shape, and Which makes it fall in similarities. us when they send us some songs, At the moment of listening to them if they are the same, we do not record themHe noted that one often does not realize these similarities.