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What was the intense debate between Pique and Shakira that was recorded in pictures | TDEX-REVTLI | the answers

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The dilemma they live among s It doesn’t look like it’s over as they are once again making a statement around the world due to the leaked photos of a tough fight in front of their two minor children, Milan and Sacha Pique Mebarek, while one of them takes advantage of days off on a yacht before the controversy arose.

These photos were published by an important international news outlet, where A Colombian profusely slaps the Barcelona football player, who looks at the singer with a surprised face.

Shakira and Gerard Pique discussion on a yacht

News portal Terra shared photos in which you can watch the raucous debate between Piqué and Shakira on the bow of the yacht. It is understood that not from this summer but from the previous one, because the palace is smaller. In addition, the gestures and poses in which the participants appear speak for themselves: the atmosphere was very tense.

It is important to note that the Pique family has a home on the Costa Brava and it could have been a family boat trip that ended in a fight. Shakira was caught standing on the yacht, very upset as she pointed her finger at Pique, who has a disjointed face. Milan looks at the ground and Sasha is on the horizon.

Many news portals indicate that it is a precursor to the hurricane that will come in the life of the singer and football player, who are currently saying that they cannot even see each other. The atmosphere between the two is tense, and the whitening of Gerard Pique’s relationship with Clara Chia Marti made things even more difficult since Shakira felt betrayed, because there was an agreement between them that they should not immediately show themselves to other people.

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In this way, it is known that, despite the tension between the Colombian and the Catalan, the joint children already have a school in Barcelona and it is concluded that they will finish the course in the said city, until June 2023. Shakira plans to move to Miami with them, you will have to wait a little longer unless they agree Becky.

How is Shakira saved after Pique secured Clara Choa Marto?

Shakira’s brother Tonino Mebarak revealed the position of the Colombian translator after Gerard Pique published a statement with the aim of protecting his relationship with Clara Chia Marti. “She’s fine and she’s fine”Tell the El Nuevo Herald.

Let us remember that the Spanish defender said in the statement: Since Shakira and Gerard Pique confirmed their separation through a joint statement on June 4, many rumors and allegedly unconfirmed information about the player, his family, and his personal and therefore private life have been spread. These reports and photos are not only causing damage to his honor and damaging his image, but are also a serious assault on the rights of his children, whose safety and protection is his greatest concern.”refers to the FC Barcelona football player in the letter provided by his lawyers.

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