June 12, 2024

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"What will we talk about football...when these things happen?": Fabian Bustos, FC Barcelona coach, is upset by the referee of the Orense match |  National Championship |  Sports

“What will we talk about football…when these things happen?”: Fabian Bustos, FC Barcelona coach, is upset by the referee of the Orense match | National Championship | Sports

The bullfighter’s coach lamented the minimal loss in the Orense, which stopped Guayaquil club in its aspirations in the second round of the Italian Serie A.

“Talk about football” is still secondary after FC Barcelona’s defeat at the Orense stadium on Sunday afternoon (1-0), according to Fabian Bustos. At a press conference after the match, the Argentine bullfighter coach complained mainly about refereeing decisions that, according to the strategist, robbed his team of “the chance to win.”

“What are we going to talk about football…when these things happen?”

In the fourth round of the second round of the LigaPro Serie A League, A header from veteran defender Gabriel Achilleur (36) in the 73rd minute, following a corner kick from Wilmer Godoy, gave Machalenius their victory in the first stage., which also means the first defeat of the Canary Islands.

Before the decisive goal of the former Emelec captain, in Barcelona, ​​they demanded a penalty shootout, both on bullfighter Adonis Preciado and almost at match time.

This is how the bullfighter technician noted: “Look at the pictures. I don’t doubt what I see, I’m sixteen meters away. Judgment is two.” It’s a very clear penalty. The second also. The player (Preciado) steps into the area. If you score a foul, it will be a penalty kick (a free kick has been declared). The line was perfectly located. Why don’t you tag it?

Central Judge Juan Carlos Andrade did not consider Bustos the same, adding:They took our chance to win the match. We were 0-0 when a very clear penalty was awarded, the referee was two meters away. It was impossible not to see him. It is impossible what to say to the players. It already happened to me in Cuenca (date 7 of the first round), where referee Guillermo Guerrero apologized to the players in the first half for the errors he did not see. But another penalty kick passed in the second half and he did not charge her either. I feel the same today. He said no (it was a criminal offence, Andrade), when he shows up.”

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“They’ll say we’re crying babies, this and the other. It looks like we can’t win the stage, because this year Barcelona can’t be champions, apparently“he added the Bull.

In the stage classification, the Canary Club (4th) lost a race to leader Independiente del Valle. Those coming from Sangolquí, at an excellent pace, are three points higher.

The next day of the domestic tournament, Barcelona will host the Liga de Quito. Earlier, on Thursday, Bustos’ team would determine the Copa Libertadores quarter-final series against Fluminense in Guayaquil. (Dr)