April 19, 2024

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What you should know if you apply for $500 assistance in Harris County – NBC Houston

What you should know if you apply for $500 assistance in Harris County – NBC Houston

HOUSTON – Thousands of residents from 10 zip codes in Harris County who have applied for $500 monthly assistance for 18 months through Upgrading program They will now enter the pre-selection process conducted through the lottery system.

Once the registration period closes, a pre-selection will be made of 6,000 people whose eligibility verification process will be carried out.

After that, the pre-selected people will enter a lottery system that will reduce the number of participants 1,928 people, Who will receive interest of $500 per month for 18 months.

It is estimated that those selected will receive an email or text message at the end of February and beginning of March. Likewise, those who are not favored will be notified in the same way.

Beneficiary participants must choose how to receive these funds, either through a bank account or a reloadable debit card. The first batch is expected to be received between April and May 2024.

Not all users will receive the same increase. We explain why.

Beneficiaries will be those whose income is less than 200% of the poverty line. In the case of a family of four people, they must receive less than $60,000 annually. Harris raisedHe has a box of $20.5 million To the federal government.

The resource distribution was approved by the District Commissioner's Court in June last year.

Nearly four in 10 Harris residents cannot afford a $400 emergency expense, according to county officials.

Those selected reside in areas such as Forest Acres, Eastex Jensen, Sunnyside, Northgate, Gulfton, Galena Park, Acres Home and others.

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You will only be eligible if you reside in one of the following 10 zip codes: 77026, 77028, 77033, 77050, 77051, 77060, 77081, 77091, 77093 and 77547.

The federal funds essential to this program are part of the American Rescue Plan Act promoted by President Biden's administration.

The program will be managed by the international organization Give directlyWhich has extensive experience in managing this type of initiative.

It should be noted that beneficiaries of this program will not have to pay taxes on this income, because it is considered a donation, under IRS regulations.

The person selected to receive this benefit must reside within Harris County for 18 months.

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