April 19, 2024

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A former Nintendo worker explains gaming's “Palworld” problem and how this could serve as a warning to the industry

A former Nintendo worker explains gaming's “Palworld” problem and how this could serve as a warning to the industry

With the success of “Palworld,” the community has divided opinions. Some say it's a game.”good“, supported by 19 million connected users, while others believe this could be “A problem for the industry“.

This claim was made by a former Nintendo employee named Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. In a video in Your YouTube channelcomments that 'Palworld'It can serve as a model for future versions of this way of working“.

According to Murtdog, Palworld copies 70% of other games and then adds something extra. This will be “equation” of the title, based on concepts from other deliveries already created in the industry. Despite this, he himself mentions that it does not have to be a completely negative thing, because in his opinion “It's really nice“However, he expresses concern that this may become a trend for upcoming productions.

The point Mortdog wants to make in his video is this There is a clear difference between “Copy“Game and create one from scratch. He admits that the ideas themselves are not new, but highlights that the success lies in the unique combination of all these ideas at Palworld.

“But if you had the source code and you gave it a new look, it would be very easy. And what I'm saying is: That looks very easy now. That's a little gross. “If you just say, 'Thanks Nintendo for this, it's mine now and I'll put something on top of it,' that A bit strange.”

It is important to note that this phenomenon is nothing new in the industry. For example, games like “Genshin ImpactIt has been compared to parts like “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild”. Another case is the battle royalfortnite“, which was compared at the time to “PUBG”.

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For those who don't know Mortdog, he is a former Nintendo employee who was involved in developing games like 'Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Mini Mario and friends. He worked there for 11 years until 2016 when he started his career at Riot Games. He is now recognized as one of the “greatest minds” and leading the development of “Team fighting tactics'.