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What’s new in the digital ecosystem and social networks

What’s new in the digital ecosystem and social networks

Every year SMD calls thousands of people and top brands (Credit: SMD Argentina / Ary Kaplan Nakamura)

After the year 2020 marked by virtualization, Social Media Day in Argentina, a global event for trends and innovation in social media, and a benchmark in the digital industry in the region, returned to existence on October 19 at La Usina del Arte, in Buenos Aires. The meeting was also broadcast via flow To the entire country where nearly a thousand professionals from the communications, marketing and media industry listened to more than twenty speakers in the digital ecosystem and social networks.

“This year is the time to come together again and bring together the hybrid editions until the event reaches the entire country. The important thing is to be up to date with the latest news in the digital industryHappy Adriana Bustamante, Director of Digital Interactivo, at the opening ceremony, a company that organizes a social media day with Nova Coworking, led by Bustamante and Diego Pesitelli.

In Latin America, 165 million people are connected to the Internet and It is the second region that spends the most time on social networks with an average of 16 hours per month. Argentina has 34.9 million internet users connected through multiple devices, and social network penetration is 90%. In our country, two-thirds of the time users spend on the Internet does so on social networksSaid Ignacio Dufour, Sales manager In the southern cone of Comscore.

Communications doctor Federico Rey Lennon emphasized the current fragmented consumption of information and recommended brands consider some of them. The keys to facing crises: “Monitoring, Digital Protective Shielding, SEO, Simplicity and Accuracy Given the limited time people have, empathy generates, listening and response-based dialogue, and consistent pace“.

More than 20 speakers provided an update on the digital ecosystem
More than 20 speakers provided an update on the digital ecosystem

Meanwhile, RealCX Director Cecilia Hugoni has identified a file Characteristics of the new client and its relationship to social networksCoping with the pandemic for the past year and a half, the new consumer has had to adapt to doing everything online. He is an informed user, the protagonist, entrusted, attentive, engaged and anxious“.

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On the brands side, Julieta Lopez, Brand Head Diego Martinez, Creative Brand Strategist At Orange X, dive into it The importance of experimentation in creating connections with the masses. “ideasAnd ability to speak An omnichannel is fundamental to our brand creativity.”

We start consuming events that happen on social media as if it were a series or a novel, in the form of installments or chapters.. Brands take advantage of this, too, and get into the conversation. Generally when something grabs the net, Then the memes explodeSaid Lalo Znouni, journalist specializing in technology and new media.

Carlos Mazalan, Fernando Arrosina, CEO and Director of Mazalán Communicaciones, respectively, presented the approach”social Person, “where brand communication is developed from the voices of its network executives.”Social media The person is the image of the CEO in his professional and human dimension with his needs and aspirations. People define the company; Demonstrate their values ​​and vision and humanize brands‘, they synthesized it.

Eliana Vidal and Santiago Gonzalez Bustamante, Account Strategist And Account Manager Solutions from Google respectively Tips for brands to connect their YouTube audiences and grow business. Then, Mariano Villarent, Head of agencies For Facebook’s Southern Cone, go deep into trade discovery The purchase made by the user but not planned.

Martin Cimaro, Research and ideas analyst At IMS, the results most relevant to the . program advanced Media Basics 2021, Study on media consumption and advertising in Latin America. make it clear In Argentina the most valuable formats are those that do not interrupt the user, and those that provide profit for viewing the ad, stories, walls in networks, video rewards in video games, standard operating procedures on TV and Retargeting.

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Technical journalist Irina Sternick described Observed trends in networks: “Episal content based on storiespersonalization, user-generated content, social listening, niche platforms, and increasingly shorter, vertical videos.”

The media panel is prominently featured in Social Media Day in Argentina It was moderated by Adriana Bustamante, Director of Digital Interactivo, and integrated by Maurice Galvon, Head of Social Networks at Infobae; Florencia Maccioni, General Editor, Ciudad Magazine; Hernan Sambo, Content Marketing and Originals for Southern Cone on Viacom CBS; Javier Rodriguez Petersen, Editor-in-Chief of El Cronista and Javier Lanza, Editor-in-Chief of Social Networks and Video at A24.com.

The experts agreed on that The copywriting and social media teams currently work in an integrated manner and provide feedback, highlighted that the key in Social media is that the content is useful to users. to me Branded content They pointed out that It is essential to respect the identity of the moderator so that branded content has a positive impact on the user.

Federico Ray Lennon talked about
Federico Ray Lennon spoke about “Crisis in Infinite Earths” (Credit: SMD Argentina/Ary Kaplan Nakamura)

Executives from platforms like LinkedIn, Tik Tok, and Twitch have demonstrated their use in Latin America and Argentina, and suggested advertising solutions they offer. Michelle Ruiz, LinkedIn Partner customer leads In IMS, note that people They turn to LinkedIn to reach their goals, learn and consume content related to their career and profession.

We moved from the era of interaction to the era of expression, to reach the era of active participation in it Users create content and co-create trends. We are witnessing the democratization of content production and distribution‘, referring to Mirna Bulic, TikTok Regional Partner Manager in IMS. It has identified TikTok as a video and entertainment platform powered by a community of one billion unique users in the world, spread across 150 countries speaking 75 languages.

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In Argentina, Twitch has 5.5 million unique visitors per month and users consume 41.8 million hours per month. The audience profile is young and participatory, they are tech-savvy and are receptive to ads”, at the conclusion of this year’s edition Bruno Maslow, Game Partner Manager in IMS. He defined Twitch as a community where people participate and enjoy themselves.

For those interested in accessing the online version of Social Media Day, all event conversations are available On demand Here.

This edition of the Social Media Day was supported by the governments of Buenos Aires and Cordoba Province, La Usina del Arte, Cordoba Tourism Agency, Telecom, NaranjaX, Comscore, Tendánube, Río Uruguay Seguros and Live Media. Infobae was one of the strategic allies of the event.