July 14, 2024

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WhatsApp is testing a local business directory in the app

WhatsApp is testing a local business directory in the app

WhatsApp is testing a new dynamic so that users can connect with nearby businesses through the app.

In addition to the dynamics that WhatsApp Business offers for businesses to communicate with their customers, it wants users to be able to chat with local businesses regardless of whether or not they have their scheduled phone numbers.

WhatsApp is testing a guide to chat with nearby businesses

The WhatsApp You want users to find and connect with local businesses without leaving the app. And for that, you’re testing a local business directory within the app.

So if you’re looking for a clothing store or coffee shop, you don’t have to go to Google or Maps to find their listings and chat with the company. You can perform all this process directly from WhatsApp.

If you take a look at the images above, you will see that the dynamics suggested by WhatsApp are simple. Simply open the app and tap on “Companies nearby” and WhatsApp will show you all the business categories and services available.

As soon as you choose the category, for example, “Restaurants”, you will see a list of all companies that comply with this criterion. If you are interested in some of the options offered by the WhatsApp guide, just click on the profile to see the data.

Not only will you have the location information and some additional description, but the ability to start a conversation with that business is also included. So you can see, for example, if a restaurant accepts reservations, accepts a certain method of payment, schedules, etc. And all this process can be done from the WhatsApp application.

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At the moment, this test is only performed in São Paulo, Brazil. WhatsApp will include thousands of local businesses covering multiple categories. Depending on feedback received over the next few months, WhatsApp will consider extending testing to other cities and adding new companies.