May 24, 2022

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Whatsapp web. How to hide your conversations on the screen

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The WhatsApp It has become quite a working tool since the covid-19 pandemic started, which has brought work to platforms like this. However, going back to offices can make it uncomfortable Someone walks past your desk and sees your conversations.

That is why we tell you here the ultimate trick for WhatsApp Web so that your conversations are not spied on, and you can open your conversation without having to spy on you.

How to hide WhatsApp Web chats?

To do that, you must first get the WA Web Plus extension, for which you can follow these steps. Note that this method only works in Google Chrome.

  1. Search for WA Web Plus in the Chrome Store or go to this link
  2. Select the Add to Chrome option; A popup will appear in which you have to click on Add Extension
  3. Now, a new icon will be added to the top bar in the Extensions section (in the puzzle piece), and there will be WhatsApp Web options for the app

Once the extension is installed:

  1. Open WA Web Plus
  2. In the privacy options, you will see options with the word “blur” (blur)
  3. With it you will have the option to dim the messages, names, photos or messages in the conversation; Test which ones you want to activate and deactivate


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