May 27, 2022

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When do tickets for Peru vs New Zealand go on sale in Spain?

When do tickets for Peru vs New Zealand go on sale in Spain?

20 encouraging news from the fans for the big team. (Photo: Capture)

Peru and New Zealand meet for the third time in historyBut this time in an international friendly before the playoffs Peruvian national team Goes towards Qatar World Cup 2022. The tournament prepares both countries for the World Cup playoffs It was already possible to know when the tickets would go on sale For this fit.

As confirmed, Tickets can be purchased this Friday, April 29th and are cheaper, averaging $ 40. Also, the stadium will be operated at full capacity and can accommodate a total of about 38 thousand people. On the other hand, tickets will be sold through the virtual site of Espanyol Stadium.

The fight will take place next Sunday 5 June at 10:30 am (Peruvian time) at the RCDE Stadium in Barcelona. And allow them to achieve their next playoff duties with better rhythm. The ‘team of all’ does not yet know their rival, but will win between the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

This is not the first time Peru have played against the Kiwis. Because he did it in the international playoffs for the 2018 Russia World Cup. On that occasion, the ‘Bicolor’ won 2-0 at the National Stadium in Lima, without a goal as a spectator. Jefferson Farfan scored in the first half and Christian Ramos in the second half for the local team.


New Zealand also play playback against Qatar

Qatar beat New Zealand 5-0 in the Oceania qualifiers for the 2022 qualifiers to advance to the playoffs, where they face fourth-placed team in the Confederations Cup qualifiers. In this case, the match will be against Kyler Navas’ Costa RicaIt’s a favorite of many, but in the game that takes place in Doha everything will be solved, it can be anyone.

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Peru’s trip to the play-offs

The first tour of the ‘Red and White’ team will be to Barcelona on May 28, with only a select few and mostly from the local media. Up On June 10 he will stay in Spain for five days training and a friendly match against New Zealand. On those dates, their next competitor, the United Arab Emirates or Australia, will also be officially announced. He will then leave for Doha, an about eight-hour trip to the Asian country, where the first-ever big football event will take place.

Peru won the last match against Paraguay 2-0 in Lima.  Photo: FPF.
Peru won the last match against Paraguay 2-0 in Lima. Photo: FPF.

Image of Chris Wood, New Zealand

Chris Wood has a great football gift. This year he made a big leap, because after four and a half seasons in Burnley, Newcastle United are one of the newest teams to buy in the Premier League. In fact, he has played in 14 games and changed on 2 occasions.

Undoubtedly, the ‘All Whites’ is the best player and the highest scorer with 5 goals in the Oceania qualifying round. There are enough reasons to take him into account and consider him a dangerous player for Peru during a friendly fight.

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