August 19, 2022

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When is the premiere of El Chavo del 8's return: Eugenio Derbez reveals in a video full of great originality the day the series begins |  TV |  entertainment

When is the premiere of El Chavo del 8’s return: Eugenio Derbez reveals in a video full of great originality the day the series begins | TV | entertainment

A few days ago, the Mexican actor and producer, Eugenio Derbez He shared with his fans, via social networks, a small clip that sparked the curiosity of many, as he represented one of the most famous personalities in Latin America: “Chavo 8″.

As a first preview of his new production, the comedian showed off a video on his official Instagram account where you can see a man dressed as the classic character he created. Roberto Gomez Bolanos.

Who will play the role of “El Chavo del 8” in the remake of Eugenio Derbez?

This is the day the comeback of “El Chavo del 8” begins.

Although the actor is releasing few details about the new release, there is already a date set to learn more about this story.

also reviewed FinanceNext Thursday, March 24, the new project will be recognized by the protagonist “Do not accept refunds”, which is still unknown whether it will be a series or will be in another format.

In a more recent Instagram post, Eugenio shared a second video that surely moved the fibers of many fans of the original series that began broadcasting in 1973 in Mexico, where the premiere date was shown.

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In the clip, which was edited to show the late Roberto Gomez Bolaños performing his most famous character, “El Chavo del 8”, he is shown performing his classic dance. Later, he turned to the camera and shouted in astonishment: “Eugenio!”

In the same recording, Eugenio Derbez also appeared sitting on a sofa, and in response to the TV screen “Chavito” was seen with a surprised expression: “Shavo!?”

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Finally on a black screen reveals the big day with the date in white letters: March 24, 2022.

“El Chavo del 8 is one of the most famous series made in life by the famous actor, which also gave life to”ChespiritMexico City’s greatest comedian passed away in 2014.

Even today, his episodes have been suspended on Mexican and Latin American television, due to the decisions of his sons and his widow Floranda Meza, the popular Donna Floranda.

The series and its characters were so successful that many later generations, they continue to know it and it is a classic of Spanish-speaking television. (And the)

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