January 17, 2022

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Where can Pablo Isla keep adding value (which it doesn't have in Ibex) |  luck

Where can Pablo Isla keep adding value (which it doesn’t have in Ibex) | luck

At the beginning of 2005, he was given a special task: to find the CEO of Inditex, to replace José María Castellano, until then the only visible face and director of the textile empire founded in the 1960s by Rosalía Mera and Amancio Ortega. It wasn’t easy, but Carlos Alemany, managing partner of senior management selection and evaluation firm Alemany & Partners, found In just over three months To Pablo Isla, from Altadis, after careful research, the perfect candidate to take charge and accelerate the international journey of the fashion company, headquartered in Arteixo (A Coruña). In 2011, he was promoted to group president, a position he will leave on April 1, 2022, and will be filled by Marta Ortega, the founder’s daughter, the group announced on Tuesday.

Under his tenure, Isla and his team have multiplied the value on the Inditex stock market by 10 times, being the largest listed Spanish company, the world’s largest textile company by market capitalization and ninth in global distribution rankings, according to data from Bloomberg Market value. Since May 2005, Inditex’s share has increased by nearly 900%: it has gone from €14,716 million in value to €90,725 million, after rising by 4.49% in the stock market on Wednesday.
His record is great From all points of view, But after he became president of Inditex, Alemani, who confirmed at a press conference, after announcing his departure that his future “will see” his future, said since these four months Will focus on moving Transfer of powers to the new president.

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First of all, unless the group’s board of directors agrees to reduce the no-competition period, you will not be able to operate in any company of “similar corporate purpose” for the next two years. In Alemani’s view, he is a manager “because of his characteristics he can contribute to any sector he proposes, but I also see the person, his circumstances and his surroundings, and there are doubts that all sectors are suitable.”
While he wouldn’t lack for offers, the consultant, an expert in senior management profile analysis, notes that a good career path for Isla would be to “create a foundation or charity related to education and employment.”

Because if the discoverer of Isla does not see anything, it is convenient for him in company. “It was in the best company on Ibex, within the unregulated sector, where it gave very good results.” It will be repeating the same model. However, due to its prestige and credibility, it can contribute more to education and employment. Social leaders are needed, He will be heard. They will do the lottery.” In this sense, he indicates that he can be a lecturer at prestigious universities such as Harvard or MIT, activities that allow him to attend a topic that is supposed to be outstanding, such as family.

John Segovia, Professor of People Development and Change Management at Deusto School of Business, points out this as well “despite the fact that He has a designed life, His work has been one of many personal sacrifices, if one considers the results achieved in 16 years.” The first step to be considered by who was considered the best manager in the world in 2017 before Harvard Business CountryW, and entered the 26th place for the best businessmen in the magazine world luck, confirms that this teacher is analyzing what he wants to do with his life.

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He enjoys international recognition as a great manager, and now he has to weigh the various factors. “External, those that a third party gives you, and that has to do with salary, and then there are the intrinsic factors, which arise from within, how I can be my best version, and there are also transcendental motives, those in which the well is not for me but for third parties. Their decision may lie between the essential and the transcendent,” says Segovia, who also doesn’t see Isla in Ibex 35, except for electric, construction or real estate. “In a sector that is going through a process of change and can really innovate.”

The two experts consulted agree that it’s not easy to find companies tailored to you, “because the boxes are full,” Segovia says. “And others wouldn’t call him, though he is so admired, for fear of rejection. So I don’t think I got many calls.”

Another way out is with boardrooms – he is currently at Nestlé – “where he can add a lot of value, given that he has knowledge of how the five continents work,” says Alemani, to the From 57 years old from IslaIt is the ideal age, especially to contribute something different to society in terms of education and employment.