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Who is Andrei Lamoglia?  All About The Ex-Disney Boy Who Plays Evan In 'Elite' |  Film and Television

Who is Andrei Lamoglia? All About The Ex-Disney Boy Who Plays Evan In ‘Elite’ | Film and Television

On April 8, it premiered Netflix Fifth season of eliteone of the most popular series on the platform, which year after year broke records for audiences around the world. In the new installment of episodes, two new students come to Las Encinas to revolutionize the lives of the veterans.: Andre Lamoglia and Valentina Zenerwho put themselves in the place of Ivan and Isidora.

Since the new episodes debuted Social networks caught Evan’s personality and his intensity full of sexual tension with Patrick (played by manu rios)With whom he shared most of the scenes during this season. Both men and women gave in to a character who shows not only that she has a good heart but also an enviable body, being one of the reasons why part of the audience that was with elite Consider seeing this season. But, Who is the actor behind Ivan Carvalho? We discover the person behind the character below.

Andre Lamoglia’s life and career

Andre Lamoglia was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1997 and it was clear from a young age that he wanted to devote himself to the world of acting. At the encouragement of his brother Victor Lamoglia, who is also a famous Brazilian actor. Since then, he has asked his parents to sign up for a theater course, and like most artists devoted to the world of acting, his first steps were in the theater, specifically In 2015, he played the role of Prince Cinderella in the play Cinderella by Joseph Welker.

After one year, In 2016, he was performing his first television role with the series secrets of justicebut it wasn’t until 2017 when he gained greater recognition within his country through the Brazilian series Disney Channel donkeyswhere he plays the role of a young Rafa who pursues his dream of becoming a professional surfer by participating in the CAOSS Championship.

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The series ended in 2019 after two seasons, but they let him build a name that he will work with movies like de novo, nowAnd Eu Sou Mais Eu also the traitor; All three took place between 2018 and 2019.

Moreover, in 2020, He will return to the Disney Factory to join the main cast of the series bei, produced by Disney Channel Latin America, where he played the character of a player named Luan. Likewise, he participated in the special episode of the series that aired in 2021 on Disney Plus, Piya: An upside-down world.

Beyond the world of acting, Andre She has been the image and model of brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and he himself shares via his Instagram account, where he already has more than 1.1 million followers.

What does Evan Carvalho look like?

As mentioned, Andre Lamoglia arrives in Las Encinas playing Ivan Carvalho, the son of an important footballer who lives without a care from a father who is very interested in fame and parties. After years of not being able to make friends due to his millionaire father’s contracts, which force him to move around now and then, From the start he finds support in Patrick, who will approach him attracted by his physical appearance and with whom he will develop a friendship full of sexual tension.

Enjoy all episodes of Season 5 of elite on Netflix.