May 27, 2022

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Franke launched its catalog in 2022

Franke presents its new year catalog, which went into effect on April 1, 2022.

Like every year, with the end consumer in mind, they launched a new range of products in different categories, not only to facilitate daily life, but also to take care of health and the environment.

Franke presents a new range of Maris buckets made of Fragranite. “Amazingly large”, with three types of makeup and a wide color palette. The highlight is the ‘Maris Black Collection’, a composition of matte black trays complete with accessories in this finish to create the ‘Total Black’ look.

On the other hand, they introduced a new range of AQ-Sense hoods, which come with an air quality sensor. These hoods can be controlled by voice thanks to the compatibility with the Amazon Alexa assistant and the mobile application (FrankeHome) that will facilitate the use of the hood, help take care of the health of the user and his family, and breathe fresher. Fresh air inside your home.

Thinking of taking care of furniture and freeing it from steam, they have added two models of anti-condensation hoods to the catalog to cover different needs; Maris Drip Free, with black and diagonal glass, and integrated Style Drip Free model.

Another great innovation is the Active Twist faucet. The end user will be able to open and close the valve, right from the faucet handle, without having to get their hands dirty. In the removable nozzle and the fixed nozzle version, Active Twist will be the perfect solution for those who want everything in one device.

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The new built-in 45 cm wine cellar stands out, for storing up to 24 bottles on removable oak wooden shelves, and anti-UV glass, ensuring perfect wine preservation.

They also launched the All-In 1 all-in-one accessory range, adaptable to drawers ranging in width from 34 to 54 cm. It is the set of accessories (depending on the model), complete and essential for food preparation and designed to make life easier.