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Who is Mario Russo, the cardiologist chosen by Javier Miley to be the new Minister of Health?

Who is Mario Russo, the cardiologist chosen by Javier Miley to be the new Minister of Health?

Mario Russo faces the challenge of revitalizing the Argentine health system (Municipality of San Miguel)

Mario Russo It was named Minister of Health In government Javier MileyWhich is scheduled to be inaugurated on Sunday. It was also announced Enrique Rodriguez Chiantore will take on the role Health services supervisor. The appointments were announced after a Cabinet meeting chaired by Nicolas Bos, which was also attended by Patricia Bullrich, Louis Petrie and other senior members.

Initially, Javier Miley planned to become a health sector In the Secretariat of the Ministry of Human CapitalWhich will be under the supervision of Sandra Petofilo. This ministry will also integrate areas such as labour, education and social development, among other responsibilities.

However, in one of the last conversations between Maile and Petofilo, one of La Libertad Avanza’s closest and most trusted collaborators, the idea of ​​modifying this structure was raised. It was Petofilo who suggested to the future head of state the possibility of establishing the health portfolio as an independent body, rather than being subject to his jurisdiction.

The truth is that in the end Mario Russo He’s the only one chosen. It’s great Clinical cardiologistis known in the medical field for his career that has spanned nearly a decade Fellini. In addition, he participated in management training programs in health management and economics at the Austral University and the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA).

Recently, six medical associations sent a letter to the government concerned about the lack of basic and complex tools to work on a daily basis. (Adrian Iskander)

Russo began his career as a cardiology resident at the Spanish Hospital in Buenos Aires in 1990, and later worked in the coronary unit at the Pazitirica Clinic. In the public sector I started in 2001, when I took over management Cardiology Service at Hospital Polo Sanitario Malvinas Argentinas, Where he was also responsible for Coronary artery unit The areas of outpatient care and cardiovascular surgery.

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He later held a position Secretary of Health of the Municipalities of San MiguelFrom 2009 to 2015, and at Moron from 2015 to 2016, before assuming the position of president. Government Secretary Finally until May 2017.

During the rule of María Eugenia Vidal in the Province of Buenos Aires, Rousseau served as Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Policy Coordination And based on Health planning and financial controller in the Ministry of Health. Until December 2019 he represented the governorate in Board of Directors of Al Salib Hospital.

Between January 2020 and June last year, Russo was director AySA Government Affairs, During Malena Galmarini’s administration of the Renovador Front.

He has gained international experience through internships at San Matteo di Pavia Hospital in Italy and at the Zarsa Santa Tecla Health, Social and Education Network in Tarragona, Spain.

The Confederation of Dialysis Associations of the Argentine Republic (CADRA) has warned that available reserves of imported supplies have been exhausted REUTERS/Santiago Arcos

A daunting task awaits the new Minister The crisis worsened This way in last weeks Six medical societies They sent a message To the government worried about Lack of tools From basic to complex for daily work.

In this context today Federation of Dialysis Associations of the Argentine Republic (CADRA)and warned that they Exhaustion of available reserves of imported inputsAnd salts, chlorides, and others, necessary to prepare the concentrates used for dialysis sessions, as well as syringes, catheters, peritoneal fluids, and others.

the doctor George Abdullah, The head of the medical authority confirmed information “This situation is not new, because nearly two months ago, together with suppliers in this sector, we expressed our concern about the possibility Limiting, and even banning, the import of medical supplies. This practically puts the continuity of benefits at great risk, especially for peritoneal dialysis patients.

The Ministry of Health faces critical challenges: shortages of medical supplies and the urgent need for effective health policies I_VIEWFINDER / RAPISAN JOHN

In turn, the Argentine Cardiology Associations They issued a statement Warning of “structural” problems. “Which threatens the present and near future of the practice of cardiology and has a direct impact on the cardiovascular health of Argentines.”

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The signatories to this declaration are: Argentine Society of Cardiology (SAC); Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC); Argentine Heart Foundation (FCA); Argentine College of Cardiovascular Surgeons (CACCV); Argentine College of Interventional Cardiologists (CACI); Civil Association of Vascular and Vascular Surgery of Argentina (ACCVAA); and the Argentine College of Cardiology (CAC).

“The abolition of the system and its direct impact on the wages of all human resources, combined with the current shortage of medical supplies, force us to continue alerting the population about the severe difficulties facing the correct treatment of cardiovascular diseases at the present time,” they entered.