March 1, 2024

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‘My Poor Little Angel’ actor has cancer and asks for money to remove tumor – People – Culture

‘My Poor Little Angel’ actor has cancer and asks for money to remove tumor – People – Culture

Famous actor Ken Hudson, due to his role in Home Alone (1990) and other successful productions such as Armageddon, Doctor Dolittle 2 and Coyote Ugly, is facing a major health challenge.

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Hudson is 61 years old, and today, December 8, he is undergoing a 10-hour surgery to remove a tumor in the lower part of his mouth.He was discovered after losing his health insurance last year, thanks to the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) due to the pandemic crisis.

Hudson’s career, which included a memorable appearance as Santa Claus in Home Alone, was cut short by his health concerns. He was diagnosed six months ago when abnormal tissue began to invade his teeth. Doctors recommended invasive surgery, which also involved losing part of his jaw and significant side effects.

However, Hudson faced financial difficulties in covering the costs of treatment, including surgery and recovery, which required hospitalization, radiation and chemotherapy. Although replacement insurance was purchased, it was not enough to cover the expensive medical bills.

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In response, he turned to crowdfunding platform GoFoundMe, where his fans contributed $58,000 of the $100,000 requested, and are still receiving donations to cover post-operative treatment expected to last six months.

Hudson’s family asked for support via GoFoundMe with a poignant message: “We are asking for your help so that Kenny can use the time he has left to regain his health and spend more time with his family and friends.” In addition to surgery to remove the tumor, Ken will face reconstructive surgery and rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. Despite the uncertainty, there is hope for a successful recovery in the next six months.

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