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Who is Robin Rausing, the Swedish man who revolutionized the world of packaging with the Tetra Pak product and became a millionaire?

Who is Robin Rausing, the Swedish man who revolutionized the world of packaging with the Tetra Pak product and became a millionaire?

Robin Rausing He was one of the businessmen who revolutionized the food market, being… Tetra Pak packaging creator. His idea made him one of the greatest Millionaires of Sweden. His family has continued his legacy, and currently, they have a turnover of over €10.8 million in their ten factories around the world.

This type of packaging provides great benefits to the food sector Because it allows you to package your products, without having to use preservatives or coolants. In addition, these films save energy in both production and storage, allowing food to be protected in a more environmental and safe way.

The story of Robin Rausing, inventor of the Tetra Pak

The Swede has always been a student of the market, and his passion led him to study at the Stockholm School of Economics at the beginning of the 20th century. Later, he traveled to the United States to pursue his master’s degree at Columbia University, New York. In this great city he became interested in the development of urbanization. Robin noted how these changes affected products and their packaging.

Their studies revealed that the aforementioned trend will soon move to Europe and increase the demand for packaged products. His vision led him to found a company in 1929 The first Scandinavian packaging manufacturer in 1929, Åkerlund & Rausing. He was responsible for ideas and production direction, while his partner Erik Akerlund injected capital.

The company barely stayed afloat and Akerlund abandoned the project. Robin Rausing continued as a sole proprietor and his success came as a business He was looking for an alternative to traditional milk packaging. This new packaging had to be able to contain liquids but at the same time protect them from sunlight, without giving any different smell or flavor to the product. He and his team came up with the idea of ​​a box with four triangular faces, which together form a quadrilateral. They named this container AB Tetra Pak in 1944.

The first machine to use Tetra Pak was created by the Ruben Rausing Company in 1946, although it took nearly another decade to find suitable materials for its packaging. That is until they came up with their multi-layer composition of paper, polyethylene and aluminum. It was introduced to the market in 1952 to dispense 100 ml containers of milk cream.

The Rausing Children’s origins are in the year 2024

The product his father created was difficult to transfer, but his grandchildren quickly found a solution starting in 1959. This year, Hans and Judd RausingHe suggested that the container be made rectangular so that it could be stacked and easier to distribute. This new product It has kept the wood formula of its original inspiration, but has been renamed Tetra Brik.

Embedding – the process of producing Tetra Pak containers

Since the 1990s, The family business began to expand around the world. Factories were opened from countries such as Italy and Germany to Lebanon, Japan and Mexico. This growth This also happened with the purchases of other companies and Rausing’s sons consolidated them under the Tetra Laval group. This consists of Sidel, which manufactures PET containers, cans and glass bottles; DeLaval, which makes machinery for dairy production; and Tetra Pak, which collects 80% of the group’s income. all of this, He left Rausing’s children a fortune of $12 billionaccording to Forbes magazine.